Atlas Roofing Shingles: Cost, Pros and Cons of Pinnacle Shingles (2023)

Are Atlas asphalt shingles good enough to compare against top shingle brands GAF, Owens Corning, SureTeed and IKO?

Atlas's strategy is to make good, if not the best, products at a reasonable price. The quality of the Atlas's roofline ranges from average to very good. In short: they offer good value for money. This is especially true in the 3-tab niche.

*StormMaster Slate and GlassMaster 3-layer shingles from the brandreceivehighest ratingscompared to competitors like Owens Corning Supreme, GAF Royal Sovereign and IndeedTeed XT 25.

*Atlas pinnacle makellos, its main line of dimensional shingles, ranks in the middle of the pack when comparing best-sellers from other asphalt shingle brands.

Atlas Roofing Shingles: Cost, Pros and Cons of Pinnacle Shingles (1)

Notably, Atlas' shingle ratings are slightly below Owens Corning Duration and GAF ​​Timberline, but above IndeedTeed Landmark and IKO Cambridge.

Summary of Options and Costs

Atlas manufactures 8 lines of fiberglass-based asphalt shingles. You can choose between two lines of 3-Tab or Strip shingles as mentioned above and six lines of Dimensional/Architectural shingles.

Prices range from $75 to $160 per roof panelonly for roof tiles. A roof square is 100 square feet, so it costs $0.75 to $1.60 per square foot for shingles.

And like all other major roofing brands, Atlas manufactures a complete roofing system that includes base layers, starter shingles, hip and ridge caps, and ridge vents.

Installed prices:Whether adding a single layer to an existing roof orRip off the old roof and make everything newInstallation costs range from $4.00 to over $8.50 per square foot.

What's going on here:Check out this guide to Atlas shingles for detailed information on all of them.atlas products, the pros, cons, and costs so you can make the best decision for your home, including comparing Atlas to GAF, Indeed, Owens Corning, and Malarkey.

In this review, we start with Atlas premium or luxury shingles, then cover architectural shingles, and finish with 3-rib shingles.

Premium Atlas Shingles

StormMaster Shake and StormMaster Slate are Atlas' two offerings for premium luxury shingles. Both have a range of features and technologies to enhance durability and weather protection.

StormMaster shingles cost from approximately $145-$160 per roof panel for shingles only.

StormMaster Shake

These shingles are designed to mimic the look and feel of a wood shingle and are available in 10 colors, including Weathered Wood and Chestnut. Because they're built with the Atlas Core4 technology listed below, they offer reliable protection against the elements, impacts, and algae.

StormMaster Shake shingles carry a limited lifetime warranty, a 150-mile wind warranty, and are eligible for the Atlas Signature Select Roofing System.

StormMaster Slate

StormMaster slate clapboard has the appearance of slate clapboard and is available in six colors, including pewter and emerald. This shingle also features Core4 technology for added durability. StormMaster Slate comes with a 130 mph wind warranty and a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. You are also eligible for Atlas Signature Select as explained below.

StormMaster Shake and Slate Features

Atlas Core4 Technology

Core4 uses 4 technologies to create shingles that are durable, flexible and impact resistant, and remain stable through extreme temperature changes. These four technologies are:

poly core

In each line of shingles, a polymer-reinforced core provides a stronger, more durable shingle.

Atlas uses new polymers in the asphalt core. The goal is to produce a shingle with better performance and consistency compared to shingles made from recycled polymers.


Flexcore technology is based on PolyCore, the use of new polymers in asphalt that are cooler and less brittle. The goal is a shingle that will remain flexible during transit, during installation, and on your roof to reduce the risk of rips and tears.

Atlas claims these shingles exceed industry standard tear strength requirements by 50%, even when installed in cold climates, laying flatter and sealing faster.

The proof is in the testing, and as mentioned, these shingles perform better than most based on independent testing.


Here's another potential benefit of using improved polymers and Atlas' FASTAC Dual Adhesive Sealant: StormMaster Shake shingles have a 150 mph wind guarantee.

To the best of our knowledge, the 150 mph wind guarantee is second only to the unlimited wind guarantee for GAF Timberline HDZ, NS and CS shingles.

StormMaster Slate and Pinnacle Pristine shingles have a 130 mph wind speed guarantee.

Shingles with Core4 Technology have an impact rating of 4, which means the shingles will not be damaged in a controlled test of dropping a 2-inch diameter steel ball twice on the same spot on the shingle.

Impact resistance class 4 –Most brands offer several lines of shingles that pass the UL2218 Class 4 test. If hail and windblown debris are a concern, consider these shingles, as well as GAF's Timberline AS II, IndeedTeed Landmark ClimateFlex, and Belmont IR, and Owens Corning Duration Storm.

But…just acknowledge thatNOShingles are guaranteed against hail damage. none.

dive deeperIf you're interested, you can check out this report from the Insurance Institute for Home and Business Safety titled "Relative Impact Strength of Asphalt Shingles - UL 2218 Impact Test Summary."

Relative Impact Strength of Asphalt Shingles (

thermal core

Thermal shock occurs on all roofs due to large temperature fluctuations. ThermalCore technology is designed to prevent damage to StormMaster shingles caused by normal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes.

StormMaster ShakeCore4 Technology
Guaranteelimited lifetime
Wind speed guarantee150 miles per hour
retail costs$135 – $160 per square foot
Installed Cost$450-$600 per square foot
StormMaster SlateCore4 Technology
Guaranteelimited lifetime
Wind speed guarantee130 miles per hour
retail costs$145 – $160 per square foot
Installed Cost$475-$650 per square foot

Atlas architectural tablets

Atlas manufactures four lines of tiles in the Architecture category. These are medium quality asphalt shingles with material prices ranging from $80 to $130 per roof square.

makellos pinnacle

This shingle is one of Atlas' best-selling architectural shingles.

They are 50% heavier than most 3-rib shingles, yet cost less than a dollar per square foot.

Pinnacle Pristine is available in 19 colors and is treated with Scotchgard Protector for algae resistance. Atlas covers them with a 130 mph wind warranty and a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

FWIW:Mike Holmes, professional contractor and host of the television show Make It Right, selected Atlas Pinnacle shingles and other Atlas options treated by 3M with Scotchgard Protector as one of his Holmes-approved products. It's unclear if Holmes was paid to support him, but he's risking his reputation by supporting Atlas.

Briarwood profesional

Briarwood Pro shingles feature an extra-wide format with double seal lines and a large nailing area for fast, accurate installation.

This tablet comes in 5 high-definition colors that add interest and depth. Briarwood Pro comes with a limited lifetime warranty, 130 mph wind guarantee, and Scotchgard protector. It is suitable for the Atlas Signature Select ceiling system.


The ProLam shingle is considered one of Atlas' economic options. It is an oversized laminated asphalt shingle with random cuts and deep shadow lines for a layered look. They come with a limited lifetime warranty, 130 mph wind warranty, and 10-year algae resistance warranty.


Castlebrook is an economical laminated architectural clapboard. These shingles are available in 7 colors and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty and a 130-mile wind warranty. You are entitled to the Atlas Signature Select roof system.

makellos pinnaclearchitecture bestseller
Guaranteelimited lifetime
Wind speed guarantee130 miles per hour
retail costs$105-$130 per square foot
Installed Cost$450-$575 per square foot
Briarwood profesionalhigh definition colors
Guaranteelimited lifetime
Wind speed guarantee130 miles per hour
retail costs$90-$105 per square foot
Installed Cost$450-$550 per square foot
ProLamOversized and economical
Guaranteelimited lifetime
Wind speed guarantee130 miles per hour
retail costs$85-$100 per square foot
Installed Cost$450-$500 per square foot
CastlebrookDistinctive shade line and good value for money
Guaranteelimited lifetime
Wind speed guarantee130 miles per hour
retail costs$80-$95 per square foot
Installed Cost$450-$500 per square foot

Atlas 3-flap shingles

Atlas offers two additional lines of 3-plap asphalt shingles priced between $70 and $100 per square foot for materials, excluding accessories and installation.


Legend shingles are thicker than the average 3-rib shingle. This allows more shadows to be cast, making it look more like an architectural tablet. It may be the only shingle with 3 tabs and a 110 mph wind speed guarantee. Available in 5 colors, Legend comes with Scotchgard Protector to resist stains and streaks from algae and carries a 40-year limited warranty.


This is Atlas' most affordable 3-tab shingle and is included in all three budget options. GlassMaster shingles also rank well in consumer reports with a rating of 60 out of 100. GlassMaster shingles come with a 30-year limited warranty, 60-mile wind warranty, and 10-year ARS algae resistance. , and are available in 10 colors, including Cool White, Black Shadow, and Weathered Wood.

If you're on a budget and live in a temperate climate, GlassMaster is a great option.

LegendHigh Contrast Tab 3
Guaranteelimited lifetime
Wind speed guarantee110 miles per hour
retail costs$85-$100 per square foot
Installed Cost$400-$500 per square foot
glass masterHighly Rated Tab 3
Guaranteelimited lifetime
Wind speed guarantee60 miles per hour
retail costs$65-$80 per square foot
Installed Cost$400-$500 per square foot

Atlas attaches great importance to Scotchgard Protector

StormMaster Shake, StormMaster Slate, Pinnacle Pristine and Legend Shingles are treated with 3M Scotchgard Protector to prevent black streaks and algae staining. Tile granules contain copper, which is an algaecide. The granules have a porous ceramic coating that allows copper ions to be released for several years and keeps the roof free of algae.

Worth knowing:Atlas backs these shingles with a limited lifetime algae resistance warranty. But here are the details, you should always read the details, from Atlas:

“To qualify for the Atlas Lifetime Algae Resistance Guarantee against black streaks caused by blue-green algae, installation must include Atlas Pro-Cut® Hip & Ridge Shingles with Scotchgard™ Protector or Profiled Hip & Ridge Shingles High Atlas Pro-Cut® with Scotchgard™ Protector with Atlas Shingles with Scotchgard™ Protector”.

The end result is that you may be paying more for your roof to get this protection. And to put it this way: the "black stripes of blue-green algae" seem to offer many gaps. In general, however, Atlas has the longest guarantee against algae stains.

Do the roofs in your neighborhood show black spots?If that's the case, consider a range of Atlas shingles with a lifetime stain guarantee.

Atlas Signature Select Dachsystem

In addition to the roof, the Signature Select roof system includes all the components for a complete roof. The system includes a base, starter shingles, hip and ridge shingles, and a roof vent. The roofing system is available for all Atlas shingle lines and offers the owner an extended warranty period.

use -You and your roofer have options. For example, depending on your climate, you can use one or a combination of the Atlas underlay options, the first two products on the list.

Signature Select components include:

Ice and Water Subsurface Atlas WeatherMaster

It is a removable and glueable base that protects the roof terrace from the ingress of water.

Atlas Premium Subfloor

Depending on the shingle you purchase, the premium underlayment is either Summit Underlayment, a higher tear-resistant synthetic material that protects against moisture and mold, or Gorilla Guard 30, an engineered felt roll that is asphalt-impregnated, lightweight and tougher than organic felt.

Atlas Pro-Cut Shingles Started

Depending on the Atlas shingle you are installing, Pro-Cut or Pro-Cut HP42 starter shingles (42" extra wide) or Pro-Cut starter rolls are used at the eaves to seal the edges of the shingles.

atlas texas

You can install any Atlas shingle with the Signature Select Roofing System.

Atlas Hip and Ridge Shingles

Atlas StormMaster Hip and Ridge shingles are used with StormMaster Shake or Slate, Pinnacle Pristine, Briarwood Pro and Castlebrook Shingles and feature Core4 and Scotchgard Protector technology.

ProLam Hip and Ridge shingles are used with ProLam Roof Shingles and Pro-Cut High Profile Hip and Ridge Shingles with Scotchgard Protector are used with all other Atlas Roof Shingles.

Atlas TruRidge or HighPoint ventilation products

TruRidge or HighPoint ventilation products are used with the Atlas Signature Select Roof System to ensure proper ventilation and prevent heat and moisture buildup.

warranty information

All Atlas warranties are transferable. Premium and Architectural shingles offer a 10-year non-prorated premium protection period that covers replacement materials, labor, demolition and removal of defective materials. 3-rib shingles include a 5-year premium protection period.

By installing Atlas Signature Roofing Systems, you can extend the premium protection period of any shingle warranty. The extended warranty is transferable, however the downside is that the extended warranty is only good if you tear down the old roof and hire an Atlas Pro Plus dealer to do the installation.

When you have an Atlas Signature Select roof system installed by an Atlas Pro Plus contractor, the premium protection period is extended.

The Atlas Guaranteelimited warrantysuperior protectionWith characteristic roof system
not proportionallyextended premium protection
not proportionally
StormMaster ShakeLife expectancy1020
StormMaster SlateLife expectancy1020
makellos pinnacleLife expectancy1015
Briarwood profesionalLife expectancy1015
ProLamLife expectancy1015
CastlebrookLife expectancy1015
Legend40 years510
GlassMaster30 years510

Advantages and disadvantages

Here are the pros to consider and the cons to consider.


wind guarantee

Atlas offers a 150 mph wind guarantee on StormMaster Shake shingles and a 130 mph wind guarantee on StormMaster Slate, Pinnacle Pristine, Pro Lam, Briarwood Pro and Castlebrook shingles. Legend is a 3-tab shingle with a 110mph wind guarantee, the only one of its kind. GAF says Royal Sovereign's 3-ply shingles have withstood 110 mph winds in tests, but GAF only backs them with a 60 mph guarantee.

A larger nailing area and double adhesive sealing strip are designed to prevent shingles from lifting and tearing in high winds. They give Atlas the confidence to offer warranties that are on average slightly above the industry average.


Atlas's strategy seems to be to offer good quality roofing shingles at a competitive cost, and Atlas has mostly succeeded. Don't expect them to look the same or last as long as, say, premium shingles from IndeedTeed. But you save money. Ultimately, one of the best reasons to consider Atlas is that the shingles offer good value for money.

Lifetime algae guarantee on some lines

This warranty applies to StormMaster Shake, StormMaster Slate, Pinnacle Pristine and Legend shingles. Other brands do not offer a lifetime guarantee against algae stains. GAF's best stain warranty is 25 years, so it's not far behind the "lifetime" warranty. IndeedTeed backs its range of shingles with a 10 or 15 year stain guarantee.

Atlas Energy Star Rated Texas

The Pinnacle Pristine shingle in Pearl and the GlassMaster shingle in Cool White are Energy Star rated. These shingles can lower the temperature of your roof, reducing your maximum cooling costs by 10-15%. They may also be eligible for incentives or discounts offered by some utility companies for energy saving products.


warranty claims

Atlas warranties are similar to those of other shingle brands. However, the uproar among homeowners is that most Atlas warranty claims are denied. Usually, the fault lies with the installer and not with the manufacturer of the shingles. Honestly, this goes for shingles from GAF, IndeedTeed, Owens Corning, Malarkey, etc.

frequent questions

Are Atlas shingles durable?

Yes, its durability is good to very good depending on the line. Keep in mind that the durability of a shingle is affected by certain factors.

For example, improper installation and insufficient attic ventilation will cause roof shingles to fail prematurely. Weather conditions also play an important role in the durability of a shingle, regardless of the brand.

Do Atlas roof tiles have a waterproofing problem?

All shingles have a self-adhesive strip of asphalt or tar on the back, which softens when heated and adheres to the shingles below. This connection is important to keep the shingles in place in high winds.

In the early 2000s, Atlas shingles had a reputation for not sealing well and the "word" was getting around the internet. Regardless of whether the problem was legitimate at the time, it no longer exists. In fact, Atlas is the only brand we know of that puts a double bead of sealant on the back of their custom slats.

FWIW, we have reached out to Stan Bastek, Atlas Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Atlas Shingles and Underlay. Regarding the poor sealing reputation, Bastek said, "We have great concerns about these claims because we have proven that our products are the BEST sealing products on the market... If you talk to contractors who use Atlas, they will tell you that . " Say security.” Our product seals QUICKLY and stays closed. It is one of our greatest assets.”

Roofers basically agree with Bastek.

A word to the wiseRegardless of brand, no roof shingle seals well in cold weather. Atlas' warranty contains wording similar to most other asphalt shingle warranties: "COMPRESSION FEATURE - To activate the sealing feature, shingles must be exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time to seal." .

Shingles installed in the fall or winter and not exposed to sufficient surface temperatures or other conditions to temporarily or permanently prevent sealant activation,should never sealYmust be hand sealed at time of installation. It is not a manufacturing defect if the roof tiles do not seal under the above circumstances..."

With hand sealing, a bead of roofing cement or tar is applied to the back of each shingle during installation.

How long do Atlas shingles last?

Premium Luxury Shingles including RoofMaster - 35-40 years.

Architectural tablets, including Pinnacle Pristine - 20-35 years old.

Tiles with 3 ribs including legend - 18-25 years.

How do Atlas shingles compare to other brands?

Watch Atlas vs GAF, Atlas vs Owens Corning and other major manufacturers:

3 tabs:Atlas StormMaster Slate, a premium strip shingle that is unusual, and GlassMaster are among the best 3-rib shingles on the market. As mentioned above, they rank higher than the best-selling batten shingles from Owens Corning, GAF, and IndeedTeed.

Middle range:Atlas Pinnacle is also above average in terms of overall quality and durability. They are comparable to Owens Corning Duration, Tamko Heritage and GAF ​​Timberline shingles and better than IndeedTeed Landmark and Landmark Premium.

Prima:The only Atlas tile in this class is StormMaster Shake, and it's pretty average. If you want the most durable shingles on the market and are willing to pay a higher price, consider Owens Corning Berkshire, IndeedTeed Presidential Shake or Grand Manor, or even IKO Crowne Slate.

Where can you buy Atlas roof tiles?

In most of the country, you can buy Atlas shingles or have them installed by a roofer, although they are rare in California.

For DIY, Menards sells StormMaster Shake and Slate, Castlebrook, Briarwood Pro and Pinnacle Pristine, Atlas Hip and Ridge Shingles, and other supplies. Lots of other hardware stores have them too; varies from country to country.

What Atlas shingles are available where I live?

It's hard to say. The Atlas website does not allow you to enter your ZIP code to see which lines are available to you, a feature offered on the SafeTeed and GAF ​​websites. In general, all Atlas lines should be available anywhere Atlas shingles are sold.

Does Atlas make solar roofs?

No. The brand makes a pair of sun-reflective asphalt shingles: Pinnacle Pristine in Pearl and GlassMaster in Cool White.

Atlas does not make true solar energy products like Cecured Teed Apollo II shingles and shingles.


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