Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (2023)

The best cases for your gaming PC

If you're building a gaming PC and you're looking for something suitable for it, you've come to the right place. We've tested different cases while building all types of PCs from budget to mid-range and even some extreme PC builds.

There are many different things to consider: airflow, features, cooler and fan capacity, and more. We also want to highlight important things to consider when viewing such as: B. how easy (or difficult) the cabinet is to build and whether it has easy cable management. To that end, we've carefully examined, tweaked, and tweaked these cases to see if they're worth buying.

We have built on these cases and developed all kinds of gaming PCs with different specifications. We then use them daily, compare, test and also play with them.

This way we can give you a breakdown of the best PC cases we've tested, along with the reasons why we recommend them.

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What are the best PC cases?

  1. Fractal Design Torrent
  2. Lian Li O11 Aire Mini
  3. Corsair 5000D Airflow
  4. fractals Focus 2
  5. Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB

Best PC Case: Our top pick

bag fluff

Fractal Design Torrent

Best ATX PC Case

This is a fantastic case that has a lot going for it.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (1)Maximum airflow with minimum effort.

$211.43 at Amazon (US) $299.99 at Amazon (CA)



  • Powerful fans included as standard
  • Perfectly roomy for liquid cooling
  • generous division
  • easy to maintain
  • quiet operation


  • There is no space for rear cable routing
  • Limited installation options

Fractal Design Torrent is available in several different variants with and without RGB and in black or white.

It's easily one of the best looking cases we've tested, whether you go for the RGB models or not. More importantly, though, it's well thought out and offers incredible airflow without excessive fan noise.

It comes standard with two 180mm front fans and three 140mm fans with bottom intake, which is generous considering the price. These provide excellent cooling and are among the largest fans you will see in a PC case.

There is also a pre-installed fan hub, so it is very easy to connect all the fans as well.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (2)

The torrent is also incredibly spacious and can support both E-ATX and SSI-EEB or SSI-CEB motherboards. You can also easily mount a custom recirculating fluid system to this one. However, we will note that the construction options are limited. Use either an air CPU cooler or a liquid system. An all-in-one cooler cannot be easily assembled due to the housing design.

However, it's the little things that make the difference here, like the small included GPU bracket that keeps the graphics card from getting stuck.

The only real gripe is the lack of adequate space for cable management on the back.

Other cases to consider

Over the years we have tested many cases and built all sorts of machines with and without RGB, air and liquid coolers. Many great ones are currently available and the following are great alternatives if our top picks won't float your boat.

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Lian Li O11 Aire Mini

small but nice

The Lian Li O11 Air Mini not only looks great, it is also brilliantly designed with excellent build quality and a lot to say for it.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (3)

£183.88 at Amazon (UK)



  • excellent aesthetics
  • Build quality that defies the price
  • surprisingly spacious
  • great cool down


  • RGB fans are not included by default

If you want a smaller case but don't want to sacrifice features or specs in favor of a smaller Mini or ITX case, the Air Mini is a solid choice.

Not only is this a good-looking case, it's also wonderfully roomy, given the 'mini' branding. It doesn't take up as much desk space or space as other cases on this list, but it can house an ATX power supply and ATX motherboard just as easily.

We outfitted it with nine Lian Li Uni fans and an all-in-one cooler, but we also tested it with a great Noctua Air cooler and got excellent results with both.

Inside there's room for a large graphics card, and despite its small size, the Air Mini holds a big place in our hearts.

It even comes standard with two 140mm front fans and one 120mm rear fan, which is fantastic for the price.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (4)

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Corsair 5000D Airflow

Intelligent Design

We really like the Corsair 5000D Airflow for several reasons. Airflow is certainly one of them, but flexibility is the other.

£181 at Amazon (GB) $355.97 at Amazon (CA)



  • Solid build quality
  • Various 360mm mounting options
  • Excellent cable management


  • Decent fans are absent by default

If you're looking for a PC case with serious build quality and great aesthetics, then the Corsair 5000D Airflow is a solid choice.

This case offers options to mount up to two 360mm radiators in different positions, making it perfect for all-in-one coolers or complete liquid cooling systems.

It's also brilliantly spacious with mounting points for multiple HDDs and SSDs. You can also easily customize things to suit your needs, so it's well thought out.

Cable management is also a breeze thanks to a spacious back panel and cable concealed door.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (5)

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fractals Focus 2

Very approachable

The Fractal Focus 2 is a reasonable choice if you're looking for something that's easy to build, with no RGB fuss and plenty of room for your parts.

£82.32 at Amazon (UK)



  • wonderfully affordable
  • Spacious enough for large GPUs
  • easy to build
  • reasonable cable space
  • Solid build quality


  • It feels cheap compared to others.
  • Without power supply cover
  • Sin Panel frontal USB-C

If budget is important, Fractal Focus 2 could be a good option. This is a surprisingly solid mid-tower case (considering the price).

It comes standard with two 140mm fans and space for two HHDs and two SSDs.

The design is a bit odd though, with the power supply mounted on the front of the case so it's visible through the glass and doesn't have a cover to cover it.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (6)However, if your cable management skills are good enough, it doesn't matter.

We find it very easy to build, making it a good choice for new builders. While there's no front-panel USB-C port by default, you'll need to buy an upgrade accessory if you want it, which is pretty unusual these days.

Still, for the money this is a great case with simple looks but solid build quality and good airflow. What more do you want?

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Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB

expensive elegant

The 5000T is undoubtedly expensive, but it's also feature-rich and well worth your hard-earned cash.

£367.95 at Amazon (UK) $379.99 at Amazon (US) $459.99 at Amazon (CA)



  • RGB galore
  • Including useful extras
  • Very classy to look at.


  • Expensive

If you're feeling a little nervous, the Corsair iCUE 5000T RGB might be on your radar.

This is a case that is really serious.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (7)It includes multiple RGB lighting strips as standard, as well as three LL120 RGB fans and a Commander Core XT for power and lighting control.

If 208 individually addressable RGB LEDs don't excite you, then what will? Think of the 5000T as a slimmer version of the 5000D Airflow and you'll have an idea of ​​what you're buying.

This is a highly configurable case that looks truly amazing as part of your gaming setup.

bag fluff

Flow NZXT H510

great value

The NZXT H510 Flow offers excellent value for money. It's easy to install, offers decent cooling, and looks good too.

£161.79 at Amazon (UK) $112.71 at Amazon (US)



  • wonderfully affordable
  • Spacious enough to push/pull
  • Hell


  • It feels cheap compared to others.
  • Curious fan options and limited cooler mounting

If budget is an issue, the NZXT H510 Flow ticks the box.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (8)This is an incredibly affordable mid-tower ATX case that won't break the bank but still delivers.

It's a reasonable size, but can pack two (or more) SSDs and HDDs, and can even mount a 280mm all-in-one cooler with a push/pull fan setup on the front.

Unfortunately, the case only includes two fans, so you'll have to buy more. The design is also a bit odd as it only takes 120mm at the rear and 140mm at the rest.

However, these are small complaints about what is otherwise a great case for the money.

How to choose the right PC case

You've decided to build a gaming PC. Obviously the case is a big part of the process. It is important to choose the right one. You want something that feels right at home in your gaming space, but also a case that will keep your computer running cool and quiet.

What are you going to install?

When buying a PC case, you need to plan your build. Think about what you are going to put in your slot machines.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (9)This is an important part of the process and something to think about before you buy. If a powerful, high-end CPU is part of your build, you might want to consider a large 360mm all-in-one cooler, or even a full liquid cooler. That means you need a big suitcase with space for something like this.

In general, the larger the radiator, the cooler the CPU. When overclocking, the bigger the better. If you're running CPU-intensive games, editing videos, or doing other CPU-intensive things, the same logic applies.

Also check the specifications of the intended parts. Some high-end motherboards come in an E-ATX case, which means they're larger than average. Not all cases are compatible with these boards and you don't want to put all your pieces together and then find that they don't fit.

How many fans do you really need?

Some of the cases on this list come with just a few basic fans. Others are incredibly well stocked. However, more fans doesn't necessarily mean better.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (10)Too many can get loud and annoying. Look at the specs of the case you're buying and plan how you want it to look when you're done.

When looking for a case, you can also plan the fans you want to install. A case might seem cheap at first, but when you put in 10 fans that you buy separately, things suddenly add up.

The 5 Best Micro-ATX Cases of 2022

NZXT h500i - Image via NZXTNZXT h500i - Image via NZXTPHanteks EVOLV mATX - Image via PhanteksPhanteks EVOLV mATX - Image via PhanteksCorsair Carbide Series Spec-M2 MicroATX Gaming Case - Image via Thermaltake - Image via CorsairCorsair Carbide Series Spec-M2 MicroATX Gaming Case - Image via Thermaltake - Image via CorsairFractal Design Node 804 - Image via Fractal DesignFractal Design Node 804 - Image via Fractal DesignAntec P6 - Image via Antec

Most competing gaming PCs come in full-size towers, allowing for better airflow. Although some clearance is required between your components to avoid overheating, a full-size case can drastically increase the overall weight of your PC.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (11)If you travel a lot or want your gear to take up less space under your desk, nothing beats Micro-ATX cases.

Micro-ATX cases are the sweet spot between towers and mini-ATX. They are significantly smaller than any type of tower case, but still offer enough space to ensure proper airflow, one of the weaknesses of Mini-ITX cases.

Appearance is important when choosing a Micro-ATX case, but there are a few specifics to consider. Some cases may come pre-loaded with their own cooling solutions, but making sure they support liquid cooling can help future-proof your setup. If you plan on going a more traditional cooling route, check out the available fan mounts in the case of your choice and see if air filters are included to ensure the fans are running at full speed in the shortest time possible. lot of dust.

Choosing the best micro-ATX case from the sea of ​​options can be time-consuming. We've rounded up the best Micro-ATX cases on the market so you can save time researching and start building your dream PC right away.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (12)

Thermaltake Core V21

Image via ThermaltakeImage via Thermaltake

The Thermaltake Core V21 is a decent all-round case that can house up to six fans. This micro-ATX case can support 11 fans, and most of the case adjustments can be made without the help of tools.

This modular-looking case comes with a standard 200mm fan, but it falls short in the noise-cancelling department. Its convenient shape allows users to install their hardware in a variety of positions, a useful feature if you frequently want to further customize your rig.

NZXT h500i - Image via NZXTNZXT h500i - Image via NZXT

Regardless of the size of the case, NZXT offers excellent quality and aesthetics.

The NZXT h500i offers a little more space than your average micro-ATX case and has two RGB LEDs that you can adjust. The case also features Adaptive Noise Reduction technology, making it an exceptional choice for anyone looking to build a quiet rig.

The NZXT h500i can accommodate up to five case fans and a smaller liquid cooling solution.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (13)The case comes preloaded with three 120mm Aer-F fans, so you can install two more if you decide to go for full-force airflow. You can easily mount GPUs up to 16.2 inches, and the case comes in six different colors.

Compatible with Micro-ATX and Mini-ATX motherboards, the case comes with quality-of-life features like digital fan control alongside its noise reduction technology. The pre-installed channels and straps make cable management a seamless process and should guide you through building a cleaner PC.

View on Amazon

Fractal Design Node 804 - Image via Fractal DesignFractal Design Node 804 - Image via Fractal Design

Regardless of their type, PC cases have a standard aesthetic appearance that resembles a rectangle. While there's nothing wrong with that, pushing the design confines of a rectangle can also make way for futuristic-looking cases.

Fractal Design's Node 804 is a cubic box with a minimalist black body that makes it look like a giant speaker placed under your desk.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (14)Despite the height loss, the Node 804 can accommodate graphics cards up to 12.6 inches in height and case fans up to 6.3 inches. Support for liquid cooling solutions is also provided, and a liquid cooler smaller than 11 inches in size can be easily installed.

The main reason it's more expensive than other cube-style cases on the market is its solid build quality. Fractal Design's Node 804 is made of aluminum and steel. Like most Micro-ATX cases, it is compatible with both Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboard types. Another factor that increases the price is the internal storage bay. You can store up to eight 3.5" and four 2.5" storage devices, or ten 3.5" and two 2.5" storage devices.

View on Amazon

Corsair Spec-M2 Hartmetallserie

Corsair Carbide Series Spec-M2 MicroATX Gaming Case - Image by Thermaltake - Image by CorsairCorsair Carbide Series Spec-M2 MicroATX Gaming Case - Image by Thermaltake - Image by Corsair

Although it looks like a tiny electric cooler, the Corsair Carbide Series Spec-M2 offers some of the best airflow optimization in a micro-ATX case.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (15)

Corsair's Spec-M2 can house up to five fans, but it only comes with a pre-installed 120mm LED fan. The supplied fan is placed on the front panel. The case also supports liquid cooling solutions. It features a transparent side panel that also allows RGB fans to show off their style.

It has a modest front panel with a USB 3.0 input and headphone jacks. While it doesn't have the largest storage space, the tool-free installation process makes it a breeze to connect a 2.5-inch, 3.5-inch, or 5.25-inch hard drive or SSD in minutes. The cutouts inside the case should also help you manage your cables while setting up your PC.

Phanteks EVOLV mATX – Bild von PhanteksPhanteks EVOLV mATX – Bild von Phanteks

As far as high-quality micro-ATX cases go, the Phanteks EVOLV mATX is more of a budget option. It comes with a tempered glass side and panel, and you can install 7.6-inch CPU coolers in it.

The integration of a power supply cover ensures a tidier appearance inside.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (16)The case can accommodate graphics cards no larger than 12.5 inches. While this might seem like a downside compared to its rivals, you can easily find sub-12.5-inch versions of the best graphics cards.

EVOLV mATX comes with removable dust filters for easy cleaning. It's also liquid cooling ready. Supports radiators up to 11" on the top and 14" on the front panel. The case is available in three different designs and can accommodate six fans.

View on Amazon

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    Rating of the best computer cases in Ukraine — TOP 10 models

    We selected for readers 10 models of computer cases of different sizes and different price categories. Classic and austere as opposed to futuristic and playful. Not all PC users attach great importance to the visual appearance of the system unit. For most, it's enough that the computer works and doesn't shine like a Christmas tree at night. But there are also aesthetes who, next to the monitor, spend more time looking at the body than at the screen itself. Therefore, the rating will be a variety of models. nine0013


    nine0363 ALL*

    nueve0363 MicroATX

    modelsize, mmweight (kgATX sizePreis, $
    Aerocool CS-102190 x 345 x 3722MicroATX25
    GameMax ST102-200W BS90 x 235 x 2552Mini-ITX40
    Salvia Vinga210 x 485 x 420445
    Salman M3407 x 210 x 4576MicroATX50
    MSI MPG Gungnir 100P510 x 227 x 5259AT*80
    NZXT h310i mate210 x 349 x 3726Mini-ITX110
    Thermaltake AH-T200444x282x55111130
    NZXT H510 Elite Mate428 x 210 x 4357.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (18)5AT*190
    MSI MPG Sekira 500X530 x 232 x 54520AT*250
    Thermaltake-Tower 900752x423x48325AT*260


    • 1 10° Lugar – Aerocool CS-102
    • 2 Noveno — GameMax ST102-200W BS
    • 3 8 - Salbei Venga
    • 4 7º - Zalman M3
    • 5 6º — MSI MPG Gungnir 100P
    • 6 5-009 1st: NZXT h310i matte tempered glass

    • 7 4. – Thermaltake AH T200 Rosa
    • 8 3rd: NZXT H510 Elite Complex
    • 9 2º — MSI MPG Sekera 500X
    • 10 1er-Liga: Thermaltake The Tower 900 Snow Edition
    • 11 conclusions

    A cheap black case with a classic design is suitable for budget and compact computers. Due to the mini-tower form factor, it even fits on large (square) Micro-ATX motherboards. The dimensions of the Aerocool CS-102 are 190x345x372 mm.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (19)Placement of the power supply at the top. The kit includes a small fan (80mm) for blowing. The front panel features USB 3.0.

    It would be naïve to expect high-quality materials for this price. The specified weight is a little under two kilograms, which speaks for thin metal. But the beautiful optics and the matte black finish (inside as well) make the Aerocool CS-102 a very attractive and neat case for ATX designers. Thanks to the convex wall, cables can be routed easily. nine0013

    Our review continues with a miniature case for office computers (and not only) GameMax ST102-200W BS. Such a small chassis is a perfect choice for those who value their desk space. Its dimensions are only 90x235x255 mm. Compatible with Mini-ITX motherboards. The case can't be called cheap, but it comes with a 200W power supply, which is loose enough for a computer with an iGPU.

    Installing a discrete graphics card will not work, but you can build a PC based on the powerful AMD Ryzen 5600G APU, with which you can already play a lot of good games.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (20)Charming appearance and miniature bring GameMax ST102-200W BS to well-deserved 9th place in our rating. nine0013

    The polar opposite of compactness and densely packed computing components, the spacious and affordable Vinga Sage accommodates large graphics cards (up to 350mm) and E-ATX class motherboards. The low space under the power supply already puts it in the category of modern cases. With the dimensions 210 x 485 x 420 mm you can cool the processor well. If the user assembles a computer with high power consumption, it is better to buy case fans.

    Clear acrylic side panel. There are external connectors: USB 3.0, USB 2.0, audio 3.5mm. SATA drive fans can install two 3.5″ HDDs and two 2.5″ SSDs. Vinga Sage is a fairly functional and austere case (albeit made of thin metal) for its price. nine0013

    This case differs from its predecessors with thicker walls and a weight of more than 6 kg. Dimensions 407 x 210 x 457mm. The Zalman M3 case easily accommodates modern gaming accessories.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (21)The side panel is made of tempered glass. It comes with 120mm branded intake and exhaust fans.

    Front USB 3.0. The rear fan is equipped with a white backlight. Classic appearance, strict design, thoughtful ergonomics and thick metal make Zalman M3 an excellent choice for conservative aesthetes. nine0013

    This MSI gaming case fits any ATX accessory. Impressive dimensions of 510 x 227 x 525 mm allow you to install long graphics cards with three fans, tall coolers to cool the CPU and the largest motherboards. Body weight over 9 kg.

    The manufacturer has also thought about ergonomics. It comes with a 120mm fan (on the back). If required, you can put together a complete ventilation system: front panel 3×120 or 3×140 mm, cover panel 3×120 mm or 2×140 mm, rear panel 1×120 mm or 1×140 mm. In a case as large as the MSI MPG Gungnir 100P, even high-end components feel cool and comfortable. In addition, the price of this model is very attractive.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (22)nueve0013

    Fifth place was taken by a compact NZXT h310i box weighing six kilograms with dimensions of 210 x 349 x 372 mm. Putting components that are too big here will not work, but compact PCs are becoming increasingly popular. NZXT is famous for making good cases for computers of all sizes. The h310i is a bright representative of strict and perfect cases with good ventilation and spaciousness.

    Contains two 120mm fans (top and rear). The case is very beautiful and will please even those who used to be indifferent to the appearance of the system unit. High quality and thick metal, tempered glass, excellent build quality - the NZXT h310i definitely deserves a spot in our review. nine0013

    A great March 8th gift - the AH T200 looks especially pretty in pink. Consider such a color of this non-standard computer case. Futuristic design and complex shapes set it apart from other participants in the score. Thermaltake AH T200 Pink is made of thick metal and weighs more than ten kilograms.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (23)Inside there is enough space for any accessories. Box dimensions 444.2 x 282 x 551.5 mm. The limitation for installing a CPU cooler is 150mm.

    Integrated front panel ports: 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 (Type-C), 2 x USB 3.0. The Thermaltake AH T200 Pink Case should definitely be in a conspicuous place. Its design is not suitable for everyone, but those who still decide to buy it will be delighted. nine0013

    A premium case for real aesthetes. Matte finish, strict design and a stylish combination of black and white - NZXT H510 Elite Matte - the choice of perfectionists. Dimensions 428x210x435mm. You can fit a graphics card up to 368mm long and a CPU cooler up to 165mm high. The box weighs 7.5 kg - thick metal and perfect execution of each element. The side cover is made of tempered glass. Dust filters prevent components from becoming dirty quickly.

    There are multiple drive bays for data storage: 3 × 3.5″ for HDD and 3 × 2.5″ for SATA SSD.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (24)The external interface panel of the NZXT H510 Elite Matte supports USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A, 3.5mm audio jacks for microphone and headphones. The basic configuration of the fans is also nice: front panel 2x140mm, top panel 1x140mm.

    Body weight is impressive - almost two dozen kilograms. High-quality and thick steel easily gives chances to Lada cars. The dimensions of the MSI MPG Sekira 500X are 530 x 232 x 545.5 mm. This means that this model is immediately ruled out when looking for compact speakers. "Ax" was designed to build large and powerful gaming PCs. Ability to install long graphics cards up to 40 centimeters. Any graphics accelerator, motherboard or cooling system will fit here.

    The MSI MPG Sekira 500X also offers a lot of storage space. Four 3.5" SATA HDD slots (2.5" compatible) + three 2.5" SATA SSDs. Up to 7 SATA SSD drives can be installed this way. The external panel is rich in ports: up to 4 x USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A and 1 x USB 3.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (25)2 Gen2 Tipo C, Audio-HD.

    It looks like a strict body, but very thoughtful and futuristic with a non-standard arrangement of components. The showcase type is becoming increasingly popular among fans of gaming computers. Thermaltake The Tower 900 brings aesthetic pleasure to its owners. The dimensions are 752 × 423 × 483 mm. I weigh almost 25 kg. It rarely weighs how much an assembled gaming computer weighs. The transparent side surfaces are made of tempered glass. Only those who have never seen such cases with their own eyes can doubt the quality of the assembly.

    We ranked Thermaltake The Tower 900 as number one in our ranking because this case offers incredible creative possibilities. Unlike all the representatives of the rating, this particular tower has thoughtful ergonomics that allow you to install and design beautiful water cooling. The modular design of this model is divided into two parts: the first section is intended for the installation of all the main components, the second for the radiators of the liquid cooling system, the cages for hard drives and power supplies.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (26)

    As additional features, there are six slots (combined 3.5″/2.5″) with HDD/SSD and two more slots for SATA SSDs. Ventilation system: 2 × 120/140 mm top panel, 2 × 120/140 mm rear panel, 8 × 120/140 mm side panels, 1 × 120/140 mm hard drive cage; CBO: 2×480/560 mm side panels. On the system panel 4xUSB 3.0 and audio connectors.


    There are hundreds of crate models on the Ukrainian market. Among them, there are many wonderful options for different tastes and budgets. Many good models could not be considered in this rating. They are suitable for compact computers or large workstations. Classic and very strict cases for those who don't like a colorful look, moderately innovative with a modern design, unique, futuristic and versatile models that contain only the best of all types. The choice is vast, and it's easy to miss something important among the thousands of options. In order for the reader to better determine the future "home" of your computer components, we have compiled this rating of the TOP 10 cases in Ukraine.Best PC Cases of 2022: Gaming and High Performance - CBMS Board Symposium (27)

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