Fleas and Ticks on Dogs - Prevention and Treatment of Fleas and Ticks on Dogs (2023)

Can fleas and ticks get into my home and family from my dog?

Yes, unfortunately there is a certain species of tick that will shed your dog at a certain stage and lay eggs, and those eggs can infest your home. As disgusting as it may be, yes, ticks can infest your home. And ticks can transmit many terrible diseases. We don't want them exposed to ticks. We don't want your pets to be exposed and neither should your family. We also see flea infestations in homes all the time. Once your dog has one or your cat has a flea, that flea will lay 30 to 50 eggs a day within 24 to 48 hours.

Imagine how long it would take for them to become infested. These eggs they lay can stay in the environment for up to a year, just waiting for the right environmental conditions to develop into a pupal stage, and then an immature flea can make its way to your pet. The products we have are amazing and safe for all family members and your pet. So let's talk about what's best for your cat, dog, and family to keep everyone free from fleas and ticks.

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Dra. Michelle Drake
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Can my dog ​​get fleas and ticks if he is primarily an apartment dog?

Yes, ticks can be found along the edges of tall grass, so if your dog goes outside to use the potty and is near tall grass, he could catch a tick. So yes, even a dog that is mostly indoors can get a tick. When it comes to fleas, if you live in a somewhat dense community or if you have wildlife in your yard and your dog goes outside to potty and there were rabbits and they laid flea eggs, you pet too. You can pick it up. Therefore almost all cats and dogs need an external parasite program.

What health problems can fleas and ticks cause in my dog?

I've seen some serious flea and tick infestations that can cause anemia and even at worst, horrible skin problems. Undoubtedly, both fleas and ticks can carry diseases that your dog or cat can spread.

How effective are flea and tick medications?

The flea and tick medicines we have now are incredibly safe. They work exceptionally well. They are very effective at what they do - some products are more preventive and others just wait until you have a flea or tick problem and then kill the tick or flea. But the products we have now are great.

What is the difference between over-the-counter and prescription flea and tick medication?

Some over-the-counter products were very dangerous. We've seen owners use dog medication on cats without realizing they can kill a cat, and many of these products are ineffective. While some over-the-counter products are fine, they will never be as effective as the products you get from your vet.

What flea and tick prophylaxis is there?

There are oral tablets and there are topical medications. This is the main source of medication to prevent fleas and ticks and kill these insects.

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What will my vet recommend for flea and tick treatment?

Every veterinary practice has the opportunity to choose the products that it believes are the best and safest. Each year at the Drake Center we look at the current products we are using and then any new products that have been added to determine the safest and most effective product for value. We have also selected them with the owners/families in mind. We really want to do our best to reduce people's exposure to products, so we use all of these factors to determine which products we will use.

How do I recognize fleas on my dog?

Fleas are incredibly small insects. They are a few millimeters long and also produce a lot of feces, which some people call flea feces. It looks like a black, sooty thing. If you wet it, it looks like blood because it's dried blood. They ate your pet's blood and are now pooping things they no longer need. Then you will see flea feces and possibly live fleas.

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I have many owners who come here and find a flea on their pet. They say, "Oh my god, we had no idea." I'm an expert at finding fleas, but if you use a flea comb or start searching your dog or cat's fur, you might find them. Cats are good at grooming themselves, so they do it faster than dogs. But we can usually find evidence of this by using a flea comb.

How do I recognize ticks on my dog?

Ticks are kinda funny. People often bring their dog to us with a wart. You think it's a tick, but it's a wart. Ticks stick their heads into your pet's skin, and this is how they latch on and collect blood for food. The tick can be small. It can be the size of a nymph, which is very small. It can be a normal adult-sized tick. Or it can be a swollen tick that is engorged with blood and ready to produce eggs, and that's what the eggs feed on. Your pet may be of different sizes, but it looks like an insect clinging to the skin.

What should I do if I see fleas or ticks on my dog?

I would recommend that you go to your vet so you can get the best products that are safe for you. They can also show you how to safely remove the tick. Because we don't want people handling ticks. If they remove them and they have a cut and there is some blood, they may be infected with whatever the tick had. We want to be careful with that.

Then we make sure they have something on board that will continue because there will be more fleas in the area that will keep hatching and jumping on your pet. That's why we want to have an important conversation with you about how many pets live in the home, how they live and what the best product is for them.

If you have any additional questions and would like to get in touch with us, you can call us directly at(760) 456-9556, you can email us or contact us on Facebook. But please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently asked questions about fleas and ticks on dogs

Dra. Michelle Drake
The Drake Center

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How do I know what the best prevention for my dog ​​is?

At the Drake facility we will find out more about your dog's lifestyle, how many pets live in the household and whether or not he has an active case to determine if we will use both. a preventive and true adulticide. Treatment depends on what medications we choose for your pets.

Is year-round flea prevention necessary?

In San Diego we need flea protection year round. We get fleas here all the time because it never freezes. It may depend on where you live, but in most cases, year-round prevention is the best route.

How can I control fleas and ticks in my dog's environment?

We recommend a product called Sentinel that every time a flea lays 30-50 eggs a day, those eggs never hatch. This is important for environmental control. If you come to us and already have a flea or tick infestation, we recommend vacuuming a lot. You don't have to spray and bomb your house or spray your yard because so few adults are part of the problem. Nothing kills him in the pupal stage except fire, so I advise people not to bother using poisons in the environment. Let them hatch as there is a product that treats your dog or cat to make them die if they jump out of the shell and get on your dog. On the other hand, using both with a combination of a preventive product will control the problem very quickly.

Are there vaccines against flea and tick borne diseases?

Yes, there is a vaccine against Lyme disease.

Will fleas and ticks take care of themselves?

Fleas and ticks do not go away on their own. You'll only get worse.

Are there home remedies for fleas and ticks?

So many things are sold out that are utter nonsense. I know in the past people have always said that brewer's yeast or garlic work and neither of those things work. sorry don't bother Some of these things are dangerous. People have a soft spot for diatomaceous earth. If you put that on your carpet, you're breathing it into yourself every time you vacuum, and I don't think it's healthy at all, so I really don't recommend those things. Work with your veterinarian to find the safest and most effective product.

If you have any additional questions and would like to get in touch with us, you can call us directly at(760) 456-9556, you can email us or contact us on Facebook. But please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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