How to fix Bluetooth error "device does not contain media files" on Suzuki cars - Garage Dreams (2023)

Not the usual territory for this site, but today I'm sharing a fix for a bug on Suzuki cars.

In particular, the error occurs when connecting a Bluetooth phone (specifically, I think this error occurs on iPhones and not Android phones, but I'm glad it's fixed) to Suzukis with the latest infotainment system. This is the integrated infotainment unit that has touchscreen controls but lacks Apply Carplay or Android Auto.

For example, this is what the head unit looks like on my 2021Suzuki Swift Deporte:

How to fix Bluetooth error "device does not contain media files" on Suzuki cars - Garage Dreams (1)

I believe a similar unit is used on most Suzukis of the last few years like the Jimny, Vitara, Swift, etc. to this problem. Sorry if I misunderstood... I don't have time to do extensive research on which infotainment units are installed in which Suzuki. I think the 2022 MY cars come with Apple Carplay infotainment units, so you probably won't have the same problem.


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You can connect your iPhone via Bluetooth to your Suzuki and calls (incoming and outgoing) work fine.

However, when you try to play an audio file from something like Spotify or YouTube, you get an error:

“The device does not contain media files”

Your iPhone will indicate that it is playing audio through your Suzuki, but when switching audio modes you do not have the option to select Bluetooth. If you go into the input menu (where you can choose all the options, eg AUX, USB, etc.) and select Bluetooth, you will get the warning that "The device does not contain media files".

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I encountered this error when trying to connect my new iPhone to my Suzuki Swift for the first time. After almost 12 months of seamless connection with my old Android phone, it took me over 30 minutes to figure out how to get audio from Spotify etc. fun times.

Why it happens?

I'm not 100% sure. However, my understanding is that what's going on is that Suzuki's unsophisticated infotainment system thinks your device doesn't have any compatible audio files to play via Bluetooth (someone technically savvy can correct me, but the phones seem handle call audio and other audio, for example Spotify music, as two separate things) and therefore cannot establish a connection.

Looking at reports of similar issues from other Suzuki owners, this problem often seems to occur with Apple iPhones and when using audio from streaming services like Spotify, YouTube Music, etc. 🇧🇷 On the Suzuki forum, there was a user who claimed that the Suzuki audio system simply did not know how to recognize Spotify/streamed audio files as valid media files, at least not without the solution below. I certainly didn't have this problem with my old Samsung Note Android (RIP) phone, but I do with my new iPhone, so it must be something in the way the iPhone works as well.

I know it's convenient to use Bluetooth, but as someone who doesn't like to make or receive phone calls (nothing I have to say is important enough to warrant the distraction of talking on the phone while driving) I miss the days of tethering ubiquitous. AUX... much easier.

Long story short, the Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and your Suzuki is working, but for some reason the infotainment unit can't find/detect a playable audio file.

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How to fix this problem

If you're experiencing the "Device contains no media files" Bluetooth error on your Suzuki car, here's exactly how to fix it:

First, I removed my phone from the device list in the Bluetooth settings area on my Suzuki's infotainment unit.

I don't know if this step is really necessary, so don't feel like you have to.

Second (and this is the important part)you need to download an audio file to your iPhone🇺🇸 I imagine that transferring an audio file from your computer to your phone - like you used to do with iTunes and an iPod - would work, but I was out and about when I first encountered this problem and didn't want to wait until that I Llegué the house. Nor have I used iTunes (which I believe is now called Apple Music) for years; I've been listening to Spotify for like 5 years and I've never looked back.'

The way I did it was by accessing Apple Music on my iPhone and starting a free trial. I think you can get a free 30-day Apple Music subscription in most markets. I then saved a song to my library and downloaded it by following the instructions below:

so i played itDischargedmusic through Apple Music when my iPhone was connected to my Suzuki infotainment, and it automatically changed the media input to Bluetooth and the music played correctly and showed the correct details in the audio area (ie artist and song) .

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I was then able to switch from Apple Music to Spotify and play my music normally. Any other Bluetooth audio streaming I tried, for example playing a YouTube video, worked fine too.

For some reason, downloading/available offline Spotify files doesn't seem to work, or at least it didn't work for me. I'm wondering if this is because Spotify uses some kind of proprietary format or stores the files in some way that can't be easily read on an iPhone... if you have an answer to this question please let me know.

Basically, the downloaded music "started" the process of playing audio over Bluetooth. It's annoying to have to do this, but then again, Suzukis aren't famous for their high-end features (although I have to admit, the $150 Aliexpress mainframe in my wife's Subaru Legacy is easier to connect via Bluetooth). than the factory Suzuki option - I'd be interested in testing a 2022 car to see the improvements).

Is the fix permanent?

Writing this article was the first thing I did after I got home, so I'm not sure the solution will work the next time I start the car. It will be a pain if every time I want to use Spotify, I have to play a downloaded Apple Music file first. I report back here. I would imagine that deleting my phone from the device list will probably require me to restart the process.

Update: I got in the car the next day and the Bluetooth audio worked fine through Spotify once the phone was connected to the car (there's about a 10 second delay in my experience).

Suzuki "The device does not contain media files" Bluetooth Error with iPhone - Summary

In short, this error seems to be caused by the cheap infotainment system Suzuki has used for the past few years that doesn't recognize audio from streaming apps as valid and therefore doesn't detect a media file. To fix this, you need to "initialize" the audio connection.

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To recap:

  • Connect your iPhone via Bluetooth
  • Download a song or audio file through Apple Music (from the app or transfer from your computer).
    • You can also use another media player - I'll test that and report back.
  • Play this downloaded song/file when connected; this should allow you to select Bluetooth.
  • Switch to Spotify/YouTube Music/whatever name Jay Z tried to start

Let me know how it goes. I would especially appreciate any feedback from those who better understand the technical reasons for this issue and why the solution works.

If you think I need to make an explainer/tutorial video, please leave a comment below and if there's enough interest I'll record it.


Why is my car showing device does not contain media files? ›

In short, this error appears to be caused by the budget infotainment system Suzuki have used in recent years not recognising audio from streaming apps as valid, and therefore not detecting a media file. To fix this, you need to “kickstart” the audio connection.

How do I play music through Bluetooth in my Suzuki? ›

To connect your Bluetooth to your Suzuki, you need an Android Auto or Apple CarPlay compatible device. Once you connect the device, it should automatically recognize the initiated Bluetooth connection and ask if this is correct; say yes for the car system to pair with the mobile phone.

Why is my car Bluetooth connected but not playing music? ›

Check that the volume is up on your phone and car or accessory. Check that other devices paired with your phone aren't playing the music. Check that Media audio is turned on: Open your phone's Settings app.

Why is my Bluetooth showing no media? ›

The “Android Bluetooth connected no media” issue occurs mainly when your Android device is connected to multiple Bluetooth devices at the same time. Previously connected devices conflicts with the currently connected device and won't let it play the audio thereby triggering Bluetooth connected no media Android issue.

How do I connect Bluetooth to my car multimedia? ›

Bluetooth pairing & connecting your device
  1. Activate Bluetooth on your Car Audio by pressing HOME, and going into the [Settings] menu.
  2. In the [Settings] menu, find [Bluetooth Connection].
  3. Select [Pairing]. ...
  4. The Car Audio System should appear in the section “Available devices” in your smartphone Bluetooth menu.

Why can't I play music through Bluetooth? ›

Go to Settings, then tap Bluetooth. Turn off your Bluetooth headphones by tapping the toggle button. Then, turn it on again. Reconnect your headphones and try playing audio to check if that fixes the issue.

How do I update my Suzuki infotainment system? ›

Start the vehicle and tap "Settings" on the Infotainment display. "System Settings" will be displayed. 2. Tap "System Info and Software Update".

How do I connect my Suzuki to Spotify? ›

Connect via Bluetooth
  1. SET. Go to "Settings" in your stereo to find the Bluetooth munu, then choose the option to pair your device.
  2. SYNC. Turn on Bluetooth in both your mobile device and your stereo.
  3. SELECT. Select your car, enter the pairing code if needed (you will likely find this in your user guide), then play Spotify.

Why won't my Iphone play music through my car Bluetooth? ›

Restart your device. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, and turn off Bluetooth. Wait for about 5 seconds, then turn Bluetooth back on. Check the manual that came with your car for more information on how to pair with a Bluetooth device.

How do I fix my Bluetooth music system? ›

Power Bluetooth off and back on

A soft reset of Bluetooth can sometimes resolve an issue. With phones, an easy way to do this is by going into and out of airplane mode. For other devices, turn off the power and restart them.

Why wont music play through USB in car? ›

If your stereo doesn't recognize the USB device, disconnect and reconnect it again. If there is no playback after reconnecting the device, check the following: Make sure the USB device isn't empty. Make sure the files in your USB device is compatible with your stereo.

How do I reset my Bluetooth in my car? ›

Here's how it's done:
  1. Go into the 'Bluetooth' menu on your phone and fully delete the vehicle with which you wish to connect.
  2. Go into the 'Bluetooth' menu on the vehicle and fully delete the phone you are trying to connect.
  3. Re-pair the two!
Jun 14, 2017

How do I enable Suzuki Connect? ›

Sign Up and Sign In on Suzuki Connect

Make sure you use the mobile number that you have registered with NEXA at the time of buying your car. 2. Check the terms and conditions box and request for an OTP, using which you can complete your registration with Suzuki Connect and create a password.

How do I manually connect to a Bluetooth device? ›

Step 1: Pair a Bluetooth accessory
  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. Touch and hold Bluetooth .
  3. Tap Pair new device. If you don't find Pair new device, check under "Available devices" or tap More. Refresh.
  4. Tap the name of the Bluetooth device you want to pair with your device.
  5. Follow any on-screen instructions.

How do I fix No media found? ›

USB Drive Shows “No Media” in Disk Management: How to Fix
  1. Method 1: Check the Device in Another PC or Port.
  2. Method 2: Update, Reinstall, or Enable the Device Driver.
  3. Method 3: Antivirus Scan.
  4. Method 4: Change Drive Letter.
  5. Method 5: Rebuild MBR.
  6. Method 6: Format the USB Drive.
Jan 12, 2023

How do I fix no media error? ›

Here is a list of all possible ways to fix the No Media issue on your USB drive:
  1. Try your USB in another port.
  2. Error-checking tool to fix USB no media.
  3. Update Your media drivers.
  4. Uninstall device driver to fix there is no media in the device.
  5. Change letter of your removable disk to fix no media error.
Dec 21, 2022

What does it mean when it says no media? ›

NO MEDIA warning message

This warning is displayed when no media is set or the media is set beyond the left-side limit of the correct position.

Which app connects Bluetooth to car? ›

Make sure your car is in park (P) and allow time to set up Android Auto before you start your drive. Plug a USB cable into your vehicle's USB port and plug the other end of the cable into your Android phone. Your phone might ask you to download the Android Auto app or update to the newest version of the app.

How do I connect iPhone to car multimedia Bluetooth? ›

Connect using Bluetooth

Go to Settings > Bluetooth, and turn off Bluetooth. Wait for about 5 seconds, then turn Bluetooth back on. Check the manual that came with your car for more information about how to pair with a Bluetooth device. Most cars require a phone setup on the car display.

How do I clear my Bluetooth cache? ›

To do this on your Android device:
  1. Open Settings, and then tap Apps.
  2. Tap the Sort icon (the down arrow with three vertical bars), then tap Show system apps.
  3. Tap OK and all the system apps will appear in the list.
  4. Tap Bluetooth > Storage > Clear data.
  5. Tap OK to confirm.

How do I reset my Suzuki infotainment system? ›

Press and hold the Back button, the Nav button, and the Mute button for at least 10 seconds.

Why is my infotainment system not working? ›

Some of the common reasons why the infotainment system won't turn on because of the power source failure include blown car fuse, wiring issues, blown valves or lack of power to operate the system. To troubleshoot the power failure, switch off the vehicle's power supply.

Why won't Spotify play through my car Bluetooth? ›

Check the devices are in range, ideally within 1 meter (3ft) of each other. Some devices only let you have one connection at a time. Try disconnecting other devices. In the settings of your device with the Spotify app, check Bluetooth allows media sharing.

What is Suzuki Connect device? ›

What is Suzuki Connect? Suzuki Connect is an embedded Telematics Control Unit (TCU) solution developed in India to meet growing customer expectations of a connected lifestyle. Once fitted, Suzuki Connect device provides near real time information about the vehicle's location, driving diagnostics and performance.

Why can't I play music through USB port in my car? ›

If the device isn't recognized, remove the USB device and then re-insert it. Make sure that your device is set to the required mode before connecting it to the car stereo. Some USB devices need to be in a specific mode (such as a Mass Storage Class or Player mode, etc.) before you can use the USB device for playback.

Why won't my phone show up on my car screen? ›

Replace the USB Cable You Use With Android Auto

When using Android Auto on your car's display, you need a USB cable to connect your phone to your vehicle (unless you're using Android Auto wirelessly). If you start having problems with Android Auto, your cable might have failed, or maybe it's of poor quality.

How do I connect iPhone to car media? ›

If your car supports CarPlay using the USB port, plug your iPhone into the USB port of your car or stereo. The USB port might be labeled with a CarPlay icon or a smartphone icon. If your car supports wireless CarPlay, press and hold the voice command button on your steering wheel to set up CarPlay.

Why isn't Android Auto showing up on my car? ›

To use Android Auto on your car display, your car needs to be compatible with Android Auto or have an aftermarket unit installed. Android Auto won't work on all cars equipped with a USB port. See this list of manufacturers to check if your car is compatible. Not all USB cables will work with all cars.

How do I fix my USB device not recognized in my car? ›

If the device isn't recognized, remove the USB device and then re-insert it. Make sure that your device is set to the required mode before connecting it to the car stereo. Some USB devices need to be in a specific mode (such as a Mass Storage Class or Player mode, etc.) before you can use the USB device for playback.

What format does USB have to be for car stereo? ›

How Car Radios Understand USB File Structure. Unlike a computer, your car radio is very limited in its ability to interpret different USB drive formats and the subsequent file structure. Most systems require that the USB drive be formatted using the FAT or FAT32 file format.

How do I sync my phone to my car screen? ›

Connect your phone

Plug a USB cable into your vehicle's USB port and plug the other end of the cable into your Android phone. Your phone might ask you to download the Android Auto app or update to the newest version of the app. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete setup.

Why is my iPhone not playing through Bluetooth in car? ›

Connect using Bluetooth

Restart your device. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, and turn off Bluetooth. Wait for about 5 seconds, then turn Bluetooth back on. Check the manual that came with your car for more information about how to pair with a Bluetooth device.

Why wont my iPhone connect to my cars Bluetooth? ›

Make sure that your Bluetooth accessory and iOS or iPadOS device are close to each other. Turn your Bluetooth accessory off and back on again. Make sure that your Bluetooth accessory is on and fully charged or connected to power. If your accessory uses batteries, see if they need to be replaced.

Why won't my phone connect to my car Bluetooth? ›

Restart your phone or device, and reconnect to Bluetooth1 in your vehicle. If that doesn't work, you may need to delete and pair again. By deleting your smartphone from the vehicle, and vehicle from your smartphone, you begin with a clean slate when pairing.

Is Android Automotive the same as Android Auto? ›

Android Automotive is an operating system and platform running directly on the in-vehicle hardware. It is a full-stack, open source, highly customizable platform powering the infotainment experience. Android Automotive supports apps built for Android as well as those built for Android Auto.

What do you do if your car is not compatible with Android Auto? ›

If your phone or car is not compatible with wireless Android Auto, you'll have to run it via a wired connection. The set of features you can use via both wired and wireless connections are the same. In fact, a wired connection may be beneficial for long trips since it also charges your smartphone at the same time.


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