How to Fix Very Curly Braids: Fix your braids yourself at home (2023)

How to Fix Very Curly Braids: Fix your braids yourself at home (1)

What's the first sign your protective braid style is getting old? Frizz...a lot. Those pesky frizzy hairs can ruin your style and cause you to remove them sooner than you otherwise would.

But what if we told you that you can fix your frizzy braids and make them look more frayed? In this article, we explain how to quickly and easily fix frizzy braids so you can rock frizz-free again!


  • 1 How to fix frizzy braids: top ways to get rid of frizzy braids
    • 1.1 mousse and fixing spray
    • 1.2 Complete update to Frizzy Box Braids
    • 1.3 Replait the braids at the front
  • 2 Frizz prevention is key to keeping braids looking fresh
    • 2.1 Cover your curls at night
    • 2.2 Leave your hair alone
    • 2.3 Braiding with excitement
    • 2.4 Related Articles
    • 2.5 Conclusion

How to fix frizzy braids: top ways to get rid of frizzy braids

There are quite a few ways to fix frizzy braids and we feature some of the best ones in this section. Let's get down to business!

How to Fix Very Curly Braids: Fix your braids yourself at home (2)

Monitoring:These tips work for all curly braids created on natural hair and with extensions. To give just one example, these tips workhair extensionsUsed to create box braids, goddess braids, bantu knot exits, simple braids, flat twists and any other braided hairstyle.

Foam and fixing spray

One of the easiest and quickest ways to remove frizz from braids is to use mousse and hairspray. Take your favorite styling mousse and sweep it over the frizzy parts of your braids.

Then apply a setting spray to set the hair in a smoother state. Afterwards, cover your hair with a silk or satin scarf and fix it well. Wait until the hair is 100% dry and then remove the scarf. After removing the scarf, you are presented with sleek, frizz-free braids.

You can style the hair around your natural hairline. To do this, apply an edge control and use a toothbrush or an edge brush to add some strokes or waves.

This method works great on most braids including box braids, straight backs, lemonade braids, faux locs, bantu knots and more.

monitoring: Make sure your choice of mousse, setting spray, and edge protector are alcohol-free and formulated with moisturizing ingredients. You should not apply drying products to your hair as it can cause dryness and increase the risk of hair breakage.

If your braids already have build-up of product, you may want to clarify them before removing the frizz. It's never a good idea to put more product on build up.

VerThis videoto see a full demo of this decurling method.

How to Fix Very Curly Braids: Fix your braids yourself at home (3)

Complete update to Frizzy Box Braids

When your braids are extremely frizzy and in need of a complete update, you only need onescalp cleanser, diluted conditioner (4 parts water to 1 part conditioner), your choice of oil or hair shine, gel and black rubber bands. Here are the steps to follow for a full box braid upgrade.

  1. Clean your braids and scalp.Mist the scalp with the scalp cleanser. Take your time and make sure the entire scalp is covered with the product. If you have a lot of deposits, it is advisable to wash the braids as you normally woulda clarifying shampooand water. When washing your hair and scalp, be careful not to accidentally break or pull out damp strands or braids.
  2. Condition your braids.After cleaning the braids, dilute some conditioner. To do this, mix four parts water with one part conditioner and spritz on your braids. Run your fingers through the braids to help with distribution. You don't need to rinse your hair after this step.
  3. Apply your oil or shine.To lock in moisture from the conditioner and water mixture, apply the oil or oil shine to your braids and scalp. Some of the best oils for this step are jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and shea butter. If you're using an all-in-one oil spray, make sure it's lightweight. Heavy oils are not great for braiding as they can weigh down and weigh down the hairbreak the roots🇧🇷 Also, don't add too much oil to your braids as it can cause product buildup.
  4. Tighten the rubber bands.Now that your hair is sufficiently clean, conditioned, hydrated, and sealed, you're ready to tackle frizzy roots. The best way to do this is to put a rubber band around them. Start with a braid, apply a hair gel or cream to the roots and slick the hair upwards. Once your natural hair is sufficiently straightened, secure the elastic and wrap the remaining curly strands around the base of the braid.
  5. Shape the edges and wrap a scarf around them.After 30 minutes, take off your scarf and say hello to new box braids!

warning: This method is only suitable for people who have medium to large sized box braids with at least 1 inch of regrowth. Attempting this update method with less than an inch of new growth can cause your braids to become too tight at the root, increasing the risk of traction alopecia and hair breakage.

Braid the braids again at the front

If you haveSuper old box braidsIf you don't want to go for a full upgrade, you can reduce frizz by re-braiding just the front braids. This is often referred to as retouching. This results in a cleaner, less frizzy look.

Follow the instructions below to refresh your braids:

  1. Untie one of the braids along the hairline. If you have extension braids, save the braided hair (unless you have new braided hair to use).
  2. Mist your natural hair with water and apply oil to your scalp if needed.
  3. Repeat the section.
  4. Go to the next section and repeat the above steps. You will only be re-braiding the braids around the perimeter of your hairline and along your parting (if any).

This method works best for small braids that are too frizzy for a mousse and a refreshing spray. So if you know how to braid and have the time, we suggest you try the touch up method.

Frizz prevention is key to keeping braids looking fresh.

How to Fix Very Curly Braids: Fix your braids yourself at home (4)

Preventing frizz is a lot easier than fixing it. Luckily, prevention doesn't require much work on your part. In this section, we share some proven ways to keep your hair straight and frizz-free for longer.

Cover your braids at night

Cover your braids at nightIt takes less than a minute and can make a world of difference in how frizzy they look. It can also affect how long your style lasts.

Whether you're sporting box braids, ghana braids, lemonade braids, or another braided style, a silk or satin scarf or braided bonnet is what you need.

All of this reduces frizz by limiting the friction between the hair cuticle and the base and preventing the hair from drying out.

leave your hair alone

The quickest way to make frizzy braids is to run your fingers through, wrap them around your fingers, stroke them, or otherwise manipulate them.

So if you want them to look smooth and clean for an extended period of time (i.e. avoid frizz), it's best to leave them alone.

You should not only avoid touching, but also avoid rubbing on rough or absorbent surfaces such as clothing, sofa or bath towel.

braid with tension

When your hair is braided with enough tension, it can resist frizz better. On the contrary, loosely braided hair becomes frizzy within a few days.

We do not suggest that you braid your hair right at the roots, rather that you hold your hair taut as you braid (after braiding about an inch from the hairline).

How to Fix Very Curly Braids: Fix your braids yourself at home (5)

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We hope this article is helpful to you as you combat the inevitable frizz that comes with braids. You have everything you need to banish frizzy braids forever - we wish you the best of luck!

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