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It all started with an avalanche transceiver. Developed in 1980Gerardo KampelyJurgen Wegnerthe double frequency deviceOrtovox F2, which for the first time was able to transmit on the two frequencies that were common at the time. This was the beginning of the success story of the Taufkirchen-based company. The name of the company ORTOVOX refers to these beginnings in the field of avalanche transceivers: It consists ofHUERTA(a derivative of "orten") and VOX (lat. for "voice").

Other safety equipment followed, such as an avalanche shovel and the first deep-snow pack with a security compartment. As early as 1988, Ortovox entered the clothing sector with travel clothing made of pure new wool. Since then, the share of clothing in the company's added value has grown continuously. Since 1995, much has revolved around merino fiber. However, avalanche safety equipment has remained an important core area for the last 35 years.

Ortovox: from security equipment to merino

A question arises when reading the Ortovox story: How do you go from technical security equipment to wool? that answeredchristian schneidermeier, CEO of Ortovox: "We know thatWool the best functional materialfor mountain activities. That is why we only produce products made of wool.” because (Merino)Wool is very functional.and create an optimalbody climate. Now there is a complete clothing system from Ortovox with merino wool in all layers - fromunderwearaboveMerino-FleecejackenuntilSoftshellsyhard shells. Almost all Ortovox garments contain at least a small amount of merino, comparable to the hot spice in a soup.

Act and protect sustainably

Sustainable thinking determines Ortovox's business performance in all areas. The brand has been pioneering the use of wool since 1988 and has set the standard for brand wool since 2017.Ortovox Wool Promise(OWP) in the industry a clear signal. The OWP goes far beyond common testing standards and ensures there are no mules to protect the sheep, focuses on sustainable agriculture, addresses the importance of friendly farm relations and full transparency about the history of the products. The basis is provided not only by audits within the framework of the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), but above all by close and long-standing relationships with selected farmers and the constant dialogue between all stakeholders around the world. All Tasmanian merino wool processed by Ortovox is OWP verified.

Especially when it comes toSchutz- another safety aspect of clothing - it is often better to work with synthetic materials as well. Therefore, the motto in the clothing sector is: high technology.yNature. This also distinguishes Ortovox clothing from other Merino brands: innovative blends of wool and synthetic fibers such asNugarnas well as bright colors and unusual designs that can be described as "funky".

Also in theIsolationBy the way, the Bavarian company uses wool - instead of down or synthetic alternatives, jackets and vests are usedswiss woolused as filler.

  • Find out more about Swisswool in ourSwiss wool report.

Of course, the innovative blends of wool fibers go well not only with winter ski touring clothing. That is why Ortovox has also been using them in the clothing collection for the target groups of alpine climbing, alpine touring and mountaineering/mountain hiking since summer 2016.

Mountain safety: provider and brand

The company still sees its core values ​​in the area of ​​security and intends to continue working as a pioneer in this area. Managing Directorchristian schneidermeierHe puts it this way: “Ortovox protects. That is our mission. We want to offer the most sophisticated protection and comfort systems in the mountains. Innovations, functionality and wool play an important role in this. And we will not forget our alpine origins. "

The seriousness with which Ortovox takes this order is demonstrated by the fact that the manufacturer wants to offer its customers a complete service. In addition to the equipment, this also includes the correct use of the products, as well as the successful planning of the trip. “We want to be a commercial brand”, explains the Director of MarketingHendrik ReschkeThat is why your team invested a lot of time and effort and theOrtovox Safety Academy(Especially for high altitude routes: Safety Academy Lab Ice) which, in collaboration with mountain schools, teaches basic knowledge about mountain safety online and in face-to-face courses. A free mountain tours app complements the full offering with trail tips, avalanche situation reports, slope inclinometers, offline maps and much more.

Proact2024 Sustainability Strategy

But sustainable action at Ortovox does not end with the OWP. With the sustainability strategyProact2024Existing standards such as the OWP are combined with binding targets by 2024 at all levels of the company. In addition to protecting sheep and their environment, Ortovox is committed to protecting people: treating employees, customers and business partners fairly is not just hot air. Since 2015, Ortovox is a member of the "Alliance for Sustainable Textiles" initiative and of the "Fair Wear Foundation(FWF)". The brand's commitment to fair working conditions was awarded Leader status from the Fair Wear Foundation in 2018. Ortovox has maintained this status, which is reviewed annually, ever since.

And where does Ortovox produce?Some of the textiles are made in Europe, such as fleece and softshell jackets. A large portion of sewn products, such as backpacks, hard shells, and pants, are made in Vietnam, according to Katrin Bauer, "a leading country for outdoor products with comparatively high labor standards, strict legislation, and a wealth of knowledge in the field." field". manufacturing complex textile products". Since the "ingredients", i.e. many of the materials used, also come from Asia, the production there is obvious, especially in view of the transport routes. "In addition, you would not find one production facility for everything in Europe," says the textile expert. "There are simply too few heavy fabric seamstresses and similar specialists here."

La cadena de producción de Swisswool, en cambio, se desarrolla íntegramente en Europa (Swiss wool - the report) - inSwiss wool productsthey are made in Europe from the wool to the finished garment. Most of the merino wool comes from Tasmanian farms, with which they are in close contact. The ethical attitude of farmers is especially valued.

Do business sustainably

At Ortovox, sustainability is not just about the origin of materials and production. Keyword trend merino: "Of course we are happy to be part of a trend. But not trends, but products are our focus. We continue to focus on our core competence: safety in the mountains," says Managing Director Schneidermeier. "Doing business in a sustainable way is not always easy or cheap, but I am convinced that it is the only way to be successful in the long term. Not only in the outdoor industry."

Goal: climate neutrality at Ortovox

Another commitment is the protection of regional uniqueness. The promotion of regional resources and traditional expertise of all partners is of particular importance. 60% of all textile products come from Europe. This should stay like this. Another of the areas to which Ortovox's sustainability strategy is dedicated is the commitment to environmental protection and climate neutrality. Because protecting mountains means taking active steps as a company to be completely climate neutral. The “Chemical Management” area, that is, the handling of chemical products in the preparation of products, is also part of the strategy so that our own products also contribute to the protection of mountaineers and the environment. By 2024, all products must be free of harmful substances, especially perfluorinated and polyfluorinated chemicals (PFC). And so that high-quality products can be in the mountains for a long time, Ortovox pays particular attention to the robust and reliable construction and repairability of the products. In case of shortagehassle-free repair servicequick help.

From the Bavarian Alps to the high mountains, from ski and freeride tours to alpine climbing routes: ORTOVOX sees itself as the voice of the mountains and lives mountain sports and nature experiences. Friendship and trust are the basis: in the team, towards customers and in cooperation with partners and suppliers.

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Verification of the Ortovox brand

  • OrtovoxIt has been based in Taufkirchen, near Munich, since 1980 and today, together with Deuter, it belongs to the outdoor division of the Schwan-Stabilo Group.
  • Best known for...Avalanche safety equipment (LVS devices), bright colors and merino wool jackets
  • A well-known athlete of this brand is...Andy Holzer
  • The "classics" are...the Fleece Plus Classic Knit Hoodie and theavabagLawinenmochila
  • Sustainability:Member of the Fair Wear Foundation, Swisswool Made in Europe products, controlled merino wool from Tasmania

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