Roblox DOORS: all the monsters and how to defeat them (2023)

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DOORS is onRobloxGame in which the players must escape from a hotel full of terrible creatures. From quick scares to all-out manhunts, enemies in DOORS will use a variety of gruesome methods to attack the player.


DOORS is unique among themRoblox horror gamefor its complex gameplay and diverse cast of creatures. To defeat DOORS, fans must traverse all 100 hotel rooms while dodging the game's terrifying monsters. Here you will find all the hostile beings you will encounter in DOORS, as well as the strategy to defeat them and move on to the next challenging encounter.


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Rush is one of the first monsters you meet in DOORS. He appears as a gray face with a menacing smile surrounded by a puff of black smoke.Rush moves quickly, running through the rooms until he comes to an unlocked door. He breaks the lights in every room he passes through, leaving them pitch black.Any player it comes into contact with will die instantly.

To defeat Rush, it's important to keep an eye on his audio and visual cues. Before Rush appears, the lights will flash several times. After a few seconds, a loud hiss will begin to indicate that Rush is active. This sound gets louder as Rush gets closer.By hiding in or behind closets and under beds, one can avoid being killed by Rush.. Once this gruesome enemy hits an unlocked door, it will disappear and players can safely come out of hiding.

Lights will sometimes flash randomly without Rush appearing, especially in the lower areas of the hotel. Static is the key to determine if Rush is active or not.

To hide

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This formless monster will appear whenever the player spends too much time hiding in closets or under beds. When Hide appears, the player's screen shakes and turns red. As if that wasn't enough of a clue, the words "Out" begin to flash, along with a series of chaotic sound effects.If they choose to stay, Hide will damage them and force them out of hiding.To make matters worse, they can't hide for ten seconds, leaving them vulnerable to all nearby creatures.

There is no way to stay hidden without eventually activating Hide. However, it is possible to quickly exit and re-enter a hideout during Hide's dissolution.This will reset the hide timer and allow fans to continue hiding in the same spot.


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Dupe can appear in any room with two or more numbered doors. In a room where Dupe is, only a door allows to advance. Choosing a wrong door triggers a Jumpscare that knocks the player back and deals damage.The actual door in a dupe room is the only one that is correctly numbered; For example, if the previous door was number 29, the actual door would be number 30.

This monster can be hard to beat if fans don't keep track of hotel room numbers. If they try to turn around and look at the previously numbered door, they will find that the number is crossed out. One way to find the real door in a dupe room is to stand near a door and listen.Fake doors in a fake room will make a low thud while the real door is silent.

The real door can also be identified by carefully approaching it: real doors open from a greater distance than fake ones.


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Ambush is a monster that appears as a pale, pixelated face with an open mouth. He behaves similarly to Rush in that he goes through various rooms looking for players and makes a booming static noise. However, unlike RushAmbush will turn and go through these rooms multiple times.Any player caught outside of a hideout will face jumpscare and instant death.

Defeating Ambush can be difficult as players are forced to stay hidden for long periods of time. This puts her in danger of activating Hide, who forces her to come out of hiding from her and follow Ambush's path. One way to avoid this is to wait until the gank is over, then leave the hide until you hear him turn around. It is then possible to hide in the same place again without activating Hide.

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the eyes

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The player has a chance to spawn the eyes each time they open a door to a new room. Looking into their eyes deals lasting damage until they look away or die. The eyes do not move, but remain an obstacle until the door to the next room is opened.

To defeat the eyes, the goal is to look away as soon as they appear.To do this, players must move the camera away from themselves and try to only look at the wall or the ground. It is possible to walk past the eyes without taking damage, so don't be afraid to get too close to them. Also, it is best to move to the next room as soon as possible, otherwise the eyes will disappear.


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Screech is a monster that only appears in dark rooms. When it appears, the screen will vibrate slightly, followed by a soft "Psst" sound. The strategy here is the complete opposite of using your eyes: look for Screech and look directly at him to avoid taking damage.

The key to defeating Screech is to pay close attention to its audio cue, which reveals its location.Chirps always appear behind the player and usually appear above, below, or at eye level.Another way to avoid squealing is to hide in a closet or under a bed when entering a dark room.

Screech only appears alongside one person in a multiplayer game. Items such as lanterns and candles can be used to reduce the chances of it spawning near a specific player.


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Halt is one of the most difficult monsters to defeat in DOORS due to its ability to track the player.Before stopping, the lights will flash (longer than before Rush appeared).and the next door leads to a long corridor. This hallway is dark, narrow, and bathed in dim blue light. The player's goal is to reach the end of the hallway while Halt chases after him.

To escape Halt, players must walk down the hallway until Halt tells them to turn around.This is done by briefly displaying the words "TURN AROUND" on the screen, after which the protagonist must start walking in the opposite direction. If Halt gets too close to them, they will see the words "RUN AWAY" and take damage if Halt touches them. This cycle continues until they reach the next door or are killed by Halt.

Look for

Roblox DOORS: all the monsters and how to defeat them (8)

Seek is one of the few units that players are guaranteed to face in every game of DOORS. It appears twice: once before room 50 (also known as the library) and once after. The rise of Seek is heralded by the appearance of black eyes on the walls and paintings, the number of which increases with each door. After the fourth gate opens, Seek emerges from a pool of black slime and the chase begins.

To complete Seek's chase, the victim must go through a series of rooms avoiding obstacles.The correct path is highlighted with a faint blue glow indicating objects players can duck through and doors they can pass through.You have to follow this path until you reach the last room, a long corridor with large windows on both sides. The black hands will go through those windows and try to grab them, allowing Seek to reach them. There are also falling chandeliers to avoid; While not an instant kill, they still do a lot of damage. At the end of this hallway, the door closes and Seek gives up the chase.

The figure

Roblox DOORS: all the monsters and how to defeat them (9)

The character is one of them.the most terrible monsterson Roblox. He appears in the library and in the electrical room, the latter being the hundredth and last room in the hotel. This monster locates players through sounds, including walking, which means players must crouch when the character is near. In both the library and the electrical room, they must collect items while avoiding the character in order to progress.


The library is in the middle of the hotel and is also its largest room. To escape from the library, the goal is to find and collect five books that open the padlock on the exit door. The character searches for players during this sequence and listens for them grabbing a book or interacting with the lock.They must wait until the character is far away before making any noise, and always remain crouched..

There are closets to hide in, but they trigger a minigame that involves measuring your heartbeat before the character disappears. Success guarantees the player's safety, but failure results in instant death. Once the library exit is open, the character can spot any victims still in the room and gain incredible speed. Once this happens, they need to get away as fast as possible to avoid getting caught.

The number increases as more books are collected from the library. Fans should pay close attention to the character's footsteps to make sure they're at a safe distance before snagging the fifth and final book.

the electronic room

The last room in the hotel consists of three floors, with the main and upper floors being the only ones necessary for the escape.Upon first entering the electrical room, the character will chase the player until they lose control or hide in a closet and beat the heartbeat minigame.Ten circuit breakers are scattered throughout the room, all of which must be collected in order to escape. Meanwhile, the character continues to hunt and can spot his victims from a greater distance than before. Navigating multiple storage areas, the stairwell, and the upper floor while avoiding constant character patrolling is crucial.

When the circuit breakers are collected and power is restored to the elevator, the character will resume the chase.The protagonist must run up the stairs and enter the elevator to avoid being killed by the character.This hideous enemy is much faster than them, so they don't have much time before it catches up with them and kills them instantly. However, by the time they reach the elevator, they have passed the last room of DOORS and have successfully escaped the character.

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smaller units

Minor creatures are monsters in DOORS that do not pose a significant threat to the player.These enemies are there primarily to scare players and add a level of unpredictability to each run.While they aren't a threat on their own, they can still surprise unsuspecting fans and even endanger them with more dangerous beings.


Roblox DOORS: all the monsters and how to defeat them (10)

Jack has a small chance to spawn in closets and behind doors. When Jack appears in a closet, he activates a Jumpscare, which prevents the player from hiding.However, they can open the closet again, as Jack will disappear and they can use it as normal.When Jack appears from behind a door, he makes a loud noise and distorts the screen for a moment. In either case, Jack is unable to deal any damage and disappears after completing his jumpscare.


This monster only appears in rooms 90-99 of the hotel, an area called the greenhouse. It looks like a small dirt patch on the floor with small holes. Stepping on the Snare deals a small amount of damage and immobilizes the protagonist for around five seconds. When an entity like Rush is active, Snare's trap prevents them from hiding or using items.The best way to avoid cheating is to use a light source in the greenhouse, such as a candle. This way it can be easily seen and overlooked.

Snare cannot kill players. If the damage dealt would be fatal, 1 HP remains in its place.


Roblox DOORS: all the monsters and how to defeat them (11)

Timothy is a small spider that rarely appears in drawers and dressers. His appearance is greenish and somewhat cartoonish, quite similara creepy looking pokemonlike a monster DOORS. When Timothy activates, he leaps towards the player, dealing a small amount of damage before disappearing.There is no way to evade Timothy once he appears, but his damage is not lethal and very low compared to other monsters in DOORS.

The shadow

Shadow is the rarest creature in DOORS, with a low chance of spawning in open rooms. As with Jack, his main goal is to scare the player, nothing more. It makes a loud sound and does no damage. It is only visible for half a second before disappearing.

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