Sihanoukville Beach Guide | Asian Highlights (2023)

Sihanoukville offers virtually pristine soft white sands, crystal clear aquamarine waters teeming with life, and majestic, breathtaking sunsets that can be enjoyed from every angle. Like Cambodia itself, Sihanoukville is a mix of traditional local culture, stunning scenery, delicious food, and endless opportunities for adventure.

Sihanoukville is a beach lover's paradise as there are a wide variety of beaches, each with its own unique characteristics and atmosphere. If you are looking for warm and shallow waters to snorkel, you will find them here. If you're looking for a party beach vibe, there's a beach for that, too.

If you are looking for sun, sand and surf then you have come to the right place. The lowest sea temperatures occur in January and are around 26 °C. Seasonal highs hover around 31°C (90°F) in May. In fact, many people prefer the cooler temperatures of winter. No wetsuit necessary.

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my experience in thai

This was all well organized by the local office. The holidays were wonderful. Our guide Mr. Longdy (Siem Reap) was exceptional. He shared his vast knowledge of the many wonderful places we visited and was flexible in taking us to more places based on conversation along the way. Thank you. They shared with us their extensive knowledge of the many wonderful places we visited and were flexible in taking us to more places based on conversations along the way.


Kelly, July 2023

perfect planning

From the day I made a query, I received an immediate response from Monica asking me about my preferences for my trip. She was attentive and responsive to our every need and we really appreciated that. We are looking forward to our trip in November, but many thanks to Monica for making this experience so smooth so far.


Sana Samhouri, julio de 2023

Very professional agency for an unforgettable trip to Asia.

A special thanks to Albee who worked with us and helped customize the itinerary to our liking. She was great and always available for whatever we needed. The trip would not have been the same without her and her team. Thank you so much!


Daniela, July 2023

It was our first time in Cambodia and...

It was our first time in Cambodia and we had a wonderful time. The accommodation, the food and the views were really beautiful. We end our trip with a relaxing massage. Sam was very responsive to our needs and was knowledgeable. Thanks for the laugh and for your kindness.


Amy Oakes Monday, June 2023

Our guide Borin: never boring!

Our Cambodian guide Borin was knowledgeable, understanding and thoughtful in every aspect of the plan he put together for our trip to Siem Reap and in the execution. He knew how to read the room and knew exactly how to time the tour, when to pause, when to pause, and how to prepare for maximum benefit. He is extremely kind and caring and he showed it at all times. He is also great with a camera and we have lots of great photography to show him. Congratulations to my Asia Highlights coordinator, Cathy Chen, for selecting Borin. Borin works with a driver (007) who was also very friendly and attentive. Every time we got back to the car we were given cold rolls of towels and ice cold water to freshen up. So incredibly considerate. It was an unforgettable experience


David Muliyil, June 2023

Great visit!

Our tour guide Anna was fantastic! She was very informative and it was a pleasure to spend our days with her. I would ask him again if we were to return!


Alejandra M Almonte, June 2023

We had a great experience...

We had a great experience planning our honeymoon with Alisa at Asia Highlights! We gave her the route of our dreams, thinking that it might be impossible to do all the things we wanted, but Alisa made our dreams come true! She went above and beyond to answer ALL of our questions and make small adjustments that will have a huge impact on our experience.


Lauren, June 2023

Alisa knows how to work fast and keep the customer happy.

Alisa is very helpful and works very fast. I am a very difficult customer because I know what I want in terms of hotels and comfort. She was very patient with me and helped me a lot with the itinerary, she was always attentive to my requests. It was a pleasure organizing my trip with her. I highly recommend them! Thanks Alisa.Malala from Argentina.


Maria Laura Artola, June 2023

trip of his life

Also, I would like to specifically mention the guides provided at certain locations. Rum in Siem Reap was an unforgettable experience. His positive attitude was contagious, even if it was 1000 degrees and we were tired. He brought everything to life and created a few days of Ankor Wat etc. that we will never forget! Hearing my daughter's request for special Cambodian food, he changed our itinerary to go to a village and eat at a locally known shop. She brought us the dessert she ordered in the car! In general, he and his driver "Lucky" were a reason to go to Siem Reap. Also, the other guides (minus one who was immediately switched) were great. Mon in Bangkok was friendly and it was a great day there; Eak in Chiang Mai provided us with a world class food tour and day trip to the city and surrounding temples with lots of laughs; Tommy in Hanoi saved us from dying in traffic and gave us an amazing food, architecture and history tour, very friendly and fun; Both the Hoi An fishing village tour and the Saigon sidecar tour were unforgettable! Thank you Sharon and Asia Highlights. I would definitely use him again for future trips!


Teri Simpson, April 2023

Adventure in Cambodia and Vietnam!

Our guide in Cambodia, Meas Darapolaith (Pol), was absolutely amazing. He was competent, friendly and very helpful. His English was excellent and he shared important insights about the history and the great places we visited. We can warmly recommend it!


Jennifer Roth Krieger, April 2023

My daughter and I wanted to discover SE...

My daughter and I wanted to discover Southeast Asia. Since we were the first in this region, we wanted to hire a tour operator. We ended up using Asia Highlights. From the beginning we were impressed with his performance. We left home with peace of mind because all the pre-trip arrangements were made and we were communicated with efficiently. All of our questions were answered promptly. Upon arrival in the countries we were greeted by our excellent tour guides. All took care of us. We didn't have a single problem. They selected the right tour guides for us, they were very knowledgeable and very attentive to our needs. We had Dhat in Vietnam and Borin in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I highly recommend Asia Highlights. I am well rested and came home with many wonderful photos and memories. I will definitely use Asia Highlights again on my next trip to Asia.


Isabelle Dessaux, April 2023

Fabulous tour and guide in Cambodia.

We have been touring Cambodia with Borin's guide (and driver 007) for the past two days. What a fantastic experience! Borin was a wonderful guide, the best in SE Asia so far, explaining the history and culture of Cambodia through his tours of and around the Angkor temples and the Landmine Museum. He answered all of our questions, he made sure we were comfortable and had good food. 007 made sure we always had plenty of water and cold face and neck towels. We highly recommend Borin as a Cambodia travel guide!


Monica, March 2023

The best travel service for trips to Asia

Alisa Liu was responsible for the organization and helped us make all the preparations from the beginning. She also helped us when we had questions and wanted some adjustments. Her service is of the highest professional level. We are 100% sure that our trip will be perfect. We are also 100% sure that if something happens between us during our trip, Alisa will be there to accompany us and take care of us. We won't even think about hiring another agency to travel in Asia and we would love to have Alisa work for us again.


Leo Pospichal, March 2023

Tour Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand

Another highlight were the tour guides and drivers. They were all very good, friendly, competent and spoke good English. There are two that I would like to highlight for their excellence. Chan Sovannarith in Siem Reap was our guide in Cambodia. He really made the experience special. His knowledge, his willingness to answer all my questions, his kindness and general attitude made it a pleasure to be with him. To congratulate the second extraordinary leader, I must tell you about an unfortunate incident that happened to me. I'm normally a very active senior, but after leaving Cambodia for Laos, I suddenly had the worst back pain I've ever experienced and couldn't even turn in bed (turned out to be sciatica). The guide, Mr. Sonophet, worked very hard. He accompanied my travel companion and bought me a back brace and medication. When that didn't help much, he took me to a clinic, where a doctor examined me and gave me an injection and painkillers. He handcrafted me a cane that I still use! He allowed me to reasonably participate in activities, e.g. B. a bed on the boat down the river. When it was time to go to Bangkok, he got me a wheelchair at the airport. I cannot thank you enough for these kindnesses! This problem continued for the rest of the trip through Bangkok and Phuket and these guides were also very helpful in getting wheelchairs etc. It was a horrible disappointment that this wonderful trip was cut short, but it would have been MUCH worse without the amazing help I received. received from the guides and from my poor fellow traveler!


Deb M, March 2023

In good hands with Sam

Sam Ol took very good care of us - lots of information, he listened to us and answered all our questions, he was passionate about the places we visited, his people and his country. He was friendly, had a great sense of humor, and made sure we felt safe and comfortable at all times. He helped us fall in love with Cambodia in three short days.


Carol Jones, February 2023

The best travel guide in Cambodia

When we first arrived at Siem Reap airport, it was very nice to be greeted by Mr. Sam Ol. We immediately felt at ease when we saw his friendly smile. We were impressed with his excellent English and his knowledge of the temples. On the tour to the temples, Sam looked after us every step of the way. He took great pictures of us. We felt like we were on a tour with our brother who is also a professional photographer. We also appreciated his sense of humor and the fact that he had an answer to every question we had. I give Sam 5 stars, best guide ever :)


S only, Feb 2023

Mister. Oneself

Mr. Sam our tour guide in Cambodia he and the driver with excellent service went above and beyond to travel more, my wife was so impressed with the beautiful country that we plan to return here in the near future. Thank you sir Sam. We'll provide you with feedback on the entire trip next week when we return home to the US.


Pho Lover Feb 2023


We are still halfway through our trip but our time in Cambodia is just coming to an end and our guide Borin was AWESOME! He really made our stay here unforgettable and I plan to recommend all my friends and family to visit this beautiful country! Thank you Borin for everything you did to make our trip so amazing!


Danielle Blount, February 2023

Excellent service and wonderful guides.

All of our guides were great. Mr. Sam in Siem Reip was particularly wonderful. Both he and our driver were polite, safe, knowledgeable, and informative. Sam made our trip memorable and enjoyable. We will definitely recommend Sam and Asia Highlights to our friends.


Kaaren, February

Large Tour Guide Charity in Siem Reap

Our experience in Siem Reap could not have been better thanks to our excellent and cheerful tour guide, Charity. Her very good knowledge of English made it very easy to learn a lot from her. She understood and answered all our questions. She was relaxed and very knowledgeable. She went above and beyond to help us take amazing panoramic pictures of the cotton trees in Siem Reap and on our sunset cruise. She also advised us on the Chanrey Tree restaurant, in our opinion the best vegan restaurant in the first three weeks of our Asia trip. I am so happy to have vegan meals with very little oil!!! We should not consume oil and it is very difficult to find vegan food without oil. I came back the next night.


By Barbara Cornyn, January 2023

What beach to visit?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all these wonderful possibilities? Without fear! Here is a brief analysis.

If you want to travel to a place without crowds, the beaches of Prek Treng and Sokha are the two best options. Prek Treng is usually empty and Sokha is carefully patrolled by Sokha resort staff so locals are rarely in sight.

In short, Sokha is empty but touristy and expensive, while Prek Treng is also often empty but further away and poorly maintained.

If you prefer a more active vibe, Victory Beach is probably your best bet, as it's close to town and the old backpacker hub of Victory Hill, and offers a good mix of locals and expats.

Otres is similar to Victory but a bit further away. However, there is a unique river delta and a nearby town. So if you want to spend a whole day outdoors but not in the sun, then you can choose Otres over Victory.

Last but not least is Playa Independencia, which needs almost no introduction due to its proximity to the city. Almost all visitors will encounter the beach at least once during their stay. Expect moderate crowds and LOTS of activities like snorkeling.

Synchronization with the heartbeat of Indochina

14-day tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Private Tour to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and experience the best of Indochina

victory beach

Location: Right at the foot of Victory Hill (not to be missed)

Best time to travel: November to January

Transportation: Victory Beach is just outside of Sihanoukville, about a 15-20 minute walk from the outskirts of the city, or a few minutes by tuk-tuk or taxi.

Features: Near Victory Hill, quiet during the day, lively at night, white sand

It is recommended to visit this beach from November to January when the days are a little shorter so you don't have to wait so long for sunset. Victory Beach is the most popular beach for watching sunsets.

Victory Hill or 'The Hill', once the main hub for backpackers and budget travelers in the area, has begun to transform and the beach itself is now very quiet during the day and no longer crowded with vendors and barbecue trucks.

The hilltop still retains some of its old world charm, but the beach itself is very pretty and some say the "westernmost" beach in Cambodia.

Independence Beach

Location: North of Victory Beach

Best time to travel: November to April

Transportation: A little further from the town, you can get there in less than 15 minutes by tuk-tuk or rented bicycle.

Characteristics: quiet, free, white sand, good barbecue facilities, close to other beaches.

One day, Independence Beach will be dominated by a new hotel and casino. However, it is currently one of the quietest beaches close to the city. The beach is over a kilometer long, so there is plenty of space to relax.

The Independence Hotel, after which the beach is named, is located at the northern end of the beach. If you have time, the hotel is worth a visit. Further south there are less people and some small but really good cabins and restaurants for barbecues.

Independence Beach, the pier at the southern end of the beach, is a popular meeting place for locals and the starting point for many diving and snorkeling trips.

recommended itinerary

8-Day Tour from South Vietnam to Northern Cambodia: Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta and Seam Reap


Location: 2 Thnou Street, Sihanoukville, 18204

Best time to go: Low season at cheaper prices but beautiful all year.

Transport: If you are already on the beach you can walk there, otherwise take a tuk-tuk or a taxi for about 20 minutes.

Features: Upscale, Manicured Sand, Quiet, No Locals, Best Restaurants

Sokha Beach is mainly used by the guests of the Sokha Beach Resort. This has earned it a reputation as one of the most elegant beaches in the area. Hardly any locals use the beach, so you can sleep here peacefully without being offered a massage or fresh fruit.

The beach is one kilometer long and therefore offers a lot of space. The resort provides gazebos and umbrellas for a small fee, and regularly maintains and maintains the sand.

There are plenty of outdoor activities on Sokha Beach, but the resort has a monopoly on the area. So if you are not satisfied with the prices, you will have to go to another beach.

If you want to buy your own snacks, there is a very nice market near the southern end of the beach.

About Treng Beach

Location: About 4 km north of the city, so take a tuk-tuk or expect a long walk

Best time to travel: Even in high season, this beach is rarely used.

Transport: Tuk-tuk or taxi from the city center or a long walk from Victory Beach

Characteristics: warm water, shallow water, well-kept sand, secluded and calm.

Despite being one of the most remote beaches on the list, it is also one of the quietest and most peaceful. Even on a weekend, you rarely see more than a few day-trippers, making this beach an ideal choice if you're traveling in high season and still hoping to avoid the crowds.

While the water at Victory Beach is deep and cool, the water here is much shallower and therefore a bit warmer, making this beach a nice stop in the cooler months and a great place for families. with children.

Bring your own food, as there are few small stalls selling snacks and when no one is on the beach, shops often close earlier.


Location: about 8 km south of the city.

Best time to go: This great beach is pleasant all year round.

Transportation: Walking is possible on a nice day, but most travelers take a bike or tuk-tuk.

Characteristics: one of the largest beaches, varied within the limits of the beach, much to see, much to eat and drink.

Otres Beach stretches for 3 kilometers and has a lot of variety along the way. Being closer to town, there are a variety of fun beachfront bars and restaurants at what is known as the 'near end'. There is usually live music on the weekends and there is a lively atmosphere all over the beach.

To the south, the "end", the beach is quieter and seems more secluded. There are still a few dining options and tasty appetizers, but the general atmosphere is much more relaxed.

The town of Río Otres is located near the beach at the mouth of the Río Otres in the sea. The town is a mix of locals and backpackers and can be a great break from the heat after a long afternoon in the sand.

Otres Market is a food and craft market open on Saturdays. Numerous snacks, freshly squeezed juices and live music await you. During the high season the market is much busier, but during heavy monsoon rains the market closes.

At Asia Highlights we offer customized tours of Asia where you can enjoy all the highlights as well as amazing cultural experiences. To get started, send us an email.


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