Why do cats lie in plastic bags? -CatWiki (2023)

Why do cats lie in plastic bags? -CatWiki (1)

There is no stranger relationship than that between cats and plastic bags. You may find your cat stalking (and jumping) on ​​one, lying on one while catching a few Zs, and even chewing on one when you're not looking! But with a house full of cat blankets, furniture, and beds, you can't help but wonder: Why are cats in plastic bags?

Cats lie in plastic bags.because they make them crispy, they keep them warm and they can even smell like food if it's a grocery store or bag of food.Cats have also been known to sleep where they are comfortable, and cats might "mark" the bag.his territorywhen they lie on it.

As strange as it may seem for your cat to lie (or sleep) on plastic bags, it's actually not that uncommon in cats. Read on to learn all the reasons your cat keeps craving to lie on plastic bags!

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6 reasons why your cat lies in plastic bags

Every time you come home from the grocery store, your cat will immediately storm into the kitchen and lay down on the first plastic bag it can find. Your cat can't lie on plastic bags for any reason other than "because she can" (much like pushing cups off the counter or hiding hair ties between sofa cushions).

If you're wondering what could be triggering this strange behavior, here are six possible explanations:

smells like food

Did you know that cats are up to80 million olfactory receptors? That means Fluffy's nose can be up to 14 times more sensitive than yours, and one possible reason she can't get enough of those plastic bags: they smell like food!

Your cat may choose this grocery bag as her new bed because she can still smell the remains of the raw ground beef, fried chicken, or packet of luncheon meats that once lay there. If that's the case, don't be surprised if your kitty starts licking or nibbling on the plastic bag while she's lying on it to enjoy a snack!

Makes a satisfying sound

When your cat lies on top of this plastic bag and curls up in a comfortable position, it makes a distinctive crunching sound, similar to their favorite crinkle toy during playtime. There are two schools of thought as to why cats love this sound.

It sounds like those dry, comfortable sheets when a cat goes into nature to make their bed, and it reminds your cat of the sound of a bird singing or the sound of a mouse.ultrasonic communication. As a result, the plastic bag can give your cat a sense of security and even stimulate their prey drive.

acts as a bed

Cats don't need a comfortable bed or blanketto be comfortable and relaxed. In fact, many cats will lie down on almost anything you put on a surface, whether it's your wallet, a clean t-shirt, a piece of paper, or a plastic bag from the department store. Your cat's uncanny ability to lie on plastic bags is most likely due to their desire to try other litters (even if they have their own!).

keeps her warm

Cats can survivein the wild when temperatures drop below 32°F so your cat is not at risk of hypothermia if your indoor thermostat is set between 67-72°F. However, that doesn't mean your cat doesn't get cold from time to time. An open window or lying near the air conditioner vent may make your cat want to warm up a bit.Why do cats lie in plastic bags? -CatWiki (2)

And since plastic is generally a decent materialthermal insulation, your cat may opt for this odd litter choice to keep her body warm. For the same reason, your cat likes to lie on your computer, in front of the television or near the radiator.

Provides a sense of security.

When your cat is lying on a plastic bag (particularly when it is resting on a rug) your cat will sag quite slightly and the plastic bag will gently conform to your cat's shape. And thanks to the static cling properties of plastic bags, they can give your cat a comfortable "wrapped" feeling. Your cat is most likely lying in plastic bags because it makes them feel safe and secure, much like how they feel when they snuggle with you!

it is his territory

Cats mark almost everything they can find, luckily withouturinate or defecate on objects if your catit is fixed. As such yoursThe cat can lie on its "plastic bag" bedbecause he wants it to be his territory. There are some neat ways to find out if territorialthe behavior causes your catput in plastic bags, including:

  • Rubbing your face in your pocket
  • Knead the bag before it finally settles in
  • Scratch the bag and then lay on it

Your cat has scent glands on its paws, cheeks, and forehead (among other things), so this behavior means your cat is "marking" what's hers. If your cat does one or all of these things every time she lays on the plastic bag, she's simply "claiming" it.

Why do cats like to sleep on plastic?

Cats sleep in plastic bags (and plastic) for many of the same reasons they lie in them as soon as you get home from the grocery store.

For the most part, plastic makes an excellent "bed" for cats due to the warmth it provides. When your house is very cold or there is a cold draft coming through the window, plastic materials will keep your cat warm, safe and comfortable.

But your cat's ability to sleep in plastic or plastic bags (in general) might have another, more reasonable explanation: she doesn't like her current bed. Cats are very picky about their beds, and this $300 orthopedic cat bed might not be comfortable for your kitty.

Consider giving your cat more sleeping spaces around the house, including:

  • A cardboard, wicker, or laundry basket with clothing or blankets piled up
  • A small, round, padded cat bed for your kitty to snuggle into
  • AKatzenbaum(for cats who like to be on top)
  • your bed (approx75% of cat ownerslet the kitten sleep with them)

Of course, your cat may really enjoy lying on plastic for reasons of their own, such as the sound, warmth, and security. Don't assume that your cat's desire to lie on plastic is a last resort when it's time to go to bed!

I'm not sure why yourCat refuses to sleep in his bed? Check out Jackson Galaxy's video below which explains the possible reasons!

Warning: Plastic bags can be dangerous for cats.

Your cat's love of lying in plastic bags may sound harmless at first, but it can become a medical problem if your cat takes it too far. Some possible concerns and dangers related to cats and plastic bags are:

  • Eating the plastic (large pieces of plastic trapped in your cat's intestines can cause ablocking, which often require surgical removal)
  • Choking (a cat sticking its head in a plastic bag can cause it to become stuck and causepossible suffocationin five minutes)
  • Chemicals (most plastic bags are treated with some type of chemical, which can be dangerous if your cat eats the plastic or has sensitive skin)

While your cat loves to lie on plastic bags in her free time, you should keep her off the floor and in the closet. The potential dangers to your cat interacting with plastic bags are far more important than your cat's desire for a warm, crumpled bed.


Cats do a lot of strange things., and lying on plastic bags is just one of them. Your cat most likely rests on plastic bags because they provide a good amount of warmth, comfort, and security that allows them to doze off.

However, allowing your cat to lie down, play, or chew on plastic bags may not be a good idea. Although it's a cute and odd behavior, plastic bags pose choking, chemical and ingestion problems in cats and should be kept out of reach.


Why do cats lie in plastic bags? -CatWiki (3)

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